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AO EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Fabulous’ casts delve into the fashion world

Gorgeous, Elegance, and Brilliant.

These three words are the best description for the upcoming Netflix original series called, The Fabulous.

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The Fabulous tells the story of four best friends who chase their dream to be part of the fast-moving and fast-changing fashion industry. It will show you a glimpse of what’s behind the glamour, the people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes, just like these four best friends, who will show you how each of them tries to survive their demanding jobs, tricky romances, and all the humiliations that they encounter as they comfort each other with a glass of soju. 

Last December 21st, The Fabulous cast, and director meet the press both offline and online to introduce the upcoming Netflix series.

📸 Netflix

Upon reading the script, the cast and director found themselves enchanted by how different The Fabulous is from the conventional romantic comedy genre that everyone is used to.

To prepare himself for directing the drama series, Director Kim Jeong Hyeon continuously educates himself by speaking with people who work in the fashion industry or by watching several documentaries about it. 

This talented director was also behind hit drama series like “Secret Garden,” and “A Korean Odyssey” to name a few. 

But what set this drama from the rest is its stellar cast which includes Chae Soo Bin who plays the role of the perky marketer, Pyo Ji-eun. Choi Min Ho on the other hand plays the role of Ji Woo Min who has everything except that one important thing, passion. 

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The rising star Lee Sang Woon was chosen to play the role of the designer named, Joseph. Director Kim told the press that Lee Sang Woon was able to win the audition because he was able to show the innate human character of Joseph.

While Park Hee Jung was cast because of her confidence and frank honesty. Aside from being an active model for brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and many others.

Other highlights of the press conference are Choi Min Ho’s and Park Hee Jung’s runway walk and Lee Sang Woon’s sample of his dance to the song Rolly Polly that he performed during the audition.

Director Kim Jeong-hyeon did not try to hide his affection for the protagonists and said, “I hope you will offer words of warm encouragement and support to the youths who are making efforts to achieve their dreams while aiding one another based on strong friendship”.

Here are some of the questions asked during the press conference and the answer that they provided.

📸 Netflix

Q. Main points of focus for The Fabulous

Chae Soo-bin: I think the main point of focus for The Fabulous is that the series consists not only of the chemistry of the 4 protagonists but also includes the glamorous locations and attractions such as the fashion streets in Seoul and so forth.

Choi Min-ho: I believe the main point of focus is that ‘myriads of considerations go into something that is filled with splendor’. I believe the viewers will be able to enjoy the series even more if they can fully understand and empathize with the thoughts, passion, and emotions of each character

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Q. Message to cheer on the youths in their 20s and 30s who are living fiercely every day

Chae Soo-bin: Everyone is doing well, and I hope all the youths will be able to live every day diligently and happily while believing in themselves.

Choi Min-ho: I also lived fiercely in my 20s and also welcomed my 30s to live my life to the full every day. All youths in their 20s and 30s! Push forward without any breaks!

Here are some of the questions asked to Director Kim Jeong-hyeon

📸 Netflix

Q. What part of the youths did you hope to embody?

Ji-eun, Woo-min, Joseph, and Seon-ho are friends who met in their early 20’s with an indefinite dream of pure love for fashion. The four friends met when they were young and had not encountered society yet, to share their aspirations. Then, they go out to their respective fields and face reality. The paths they entered in search of their dream in fashion are not easy ones, but these ‘Ride or die” friends passionately take on challenges with their pure fondness for fashion along with their initial intent. They have ‘Ride or die’ characters embedded in themselves. I don’t know how this term will be translated for overseas viewers, but I believe it refers to ‘taking on challenges for what you like without fear and with passion’. Loving their own passion, loving others, and being passionate about their love lives is the Fashion & Passion of The Fabulous.

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Q. Collaboration with designer Minju Kim

I really enjoyed watching Next in Fashion, and I was in awe that the winner was a Korean person. She started with an idea with an oriental touch and moved on to show the color that is unique to designer Minju Kim that is fun and splendid at the same time, and I thought that I would like to be able to introduce that style of fashion in the series. Based on this, I made a request to the creative consultant Kang Ji-hye through Netflix, and she willingly decided to work with us. Joseph of The Fabulous has the innocence of a child but when it comes to fashion, he is filled with pride. When I first met designer Minju Kim I thought her personality was a lot like Joseph. So, I arranged a meeting together with the actor Sang-woon Lee who played Joseph, and I believe Sang-woon was able to capture the soul of the designer Minju Kim.

📸 Netflix

With all of the points, the cast and the director shared, ‘The Fabulous’ is surely one of the dramas to look forward to. It is not only about life, love, and friendship, but also a new take on the fashion industry.

Catch them on Netflix this coming December 23.

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