Have you ever felt like doing things automatically? Have you ever thought of saying “no” but too scared to say it, worrying what others might think?

Nowadays, we can’t help but think if what we do will affect other people or if what we’re doing is enough. Sadly, it has come to a point where we compare ourselves to other people. Until now, we are seeking validation from others when really, we should be doing that to ourselves.

Apop is known for translating best-selling Korean books into English for the English-speaking market. They are known for translating Korean self-help books recommended by K-Pop idols.

If you are looking for some light-hearted self-help books to inspire and motivate you, here are some that might help.

“I Decided to Live As Me” by Soo Hyun Kim

The best-selling self-help book that is recommended by BTS member, Jungkook, reached more than a million readers worldwide. The book’s illustrations are very cute, minimalist, and aesthetic!

In terms of writing, the style isn’t formal, and reading this feels like you’re talking to a friend. It is an easy read that will also make you think and reflect on yourself.

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This book is very therapeutic especially when you’re feeling stressed and want a casual and light-hearted book to remind you to follow your own pace and thinking of yourself is not selfish. Like what BTS advocates, this book is also about self-love and self-worth.

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“Being Comfortable Without Effort” by Soo Hyun Kim

This book talks about how you can balance your relationship with yourself and with others.

In life, there are times when we feel pressured to be someone when we’re not so we can fit in or adapt to the norm.

“Being Comfortable Without Effort” can teach you how you can have a healthy, peaceful, relationship with yourself while balancing your relationship with others.

“A Little Star Still Shines Brightly” by So Yun

This collection of essays is about how we should love ourselves despite imperfections. Being an overachiever sometimes can make us forget that nobody is perfect but it’s okay. This book also teaches us about self-love and that even if we are different from everybody else, doesn’t mean that we’re useless or cannot function.

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Everyone has their own pace and everyone has their own time. Even if you are still learning or don’t have the skills others have, you are your own star. By the title itself, a little star still shines even if it’s not as developed or shiny as other stars. But it doesn’t mean you’re not shining at all.

“I’m Not Lazy, I’m On Energy Saving Mode” by Dancing Snail

If you ever felt like having to move just so you could work, then this book is here to remind you that it’s okay to feel tired.

Nowadays, hustle culture can test our self-esteem since it makes us feel that our worth is measured by the amount of work we give. Sometimes, there are days when we feel lazy and unmotivated to work.

Dancing Snail wrote this book to remind us that those days happen because of tiredness and having these feelings is normal. There will be days where work and the standard concept of being “productive” will test our emotions and self-worth but in the end, those do not entirely describe who you are and your worth as a person.

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“You Can Wind Down From Time to Time” by Dan Kim

We often think of the future which is why we focus a lot on excelling at school and work. In this book, it reminds us that sometimes, appreciating the little things in life is also part of life.

We always think of the future so much that we don’t appreciate the little things in the present. ‘You Can Wind Down From Time to Time’ reminds us that adulting doesn’t mean we can enjoy and choose to be happy and not become slaves of stress and work.

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