Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Na Eun complete casts of new medical series, ‘Ghost Doctor’

Reported on November 8, the South Korean stars Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Na Eun were confirmed casts of tvN’s upcoming medical series titled Ghost Doctor.

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Ghost Doctor is a fantasy and medical series directed by Bu Seong Cheol and written by scriptwriter Kim Seon Su to be produced under Studio Dragon, Bone Factory.

It tells the story of an arrogant yet genius doctor and rich resident with no sense of duty at all; these two doctors end up combining bodies and spirits.

Rain takes the character of Cha Young Min, a thoracic surgeon who is good in the field and can save a life with just a touch of his hand and genius medical skills.

However, he became a coma ghost after suffering in an unexpected car accident and becomes possessed after the said incident.

Kim Bum portrays Go Seung Tak’s character who has a bad hand; he has no luck, manners, and sense of duty and will have the biggest turning point in his life with Cha Min Young.

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While Uee plays Jang Se Jin’s character, an overseas neurosurgeon, who will have an entangled romance with Cha Min Young as her ex-lover.

Son Na Eun also takes the role of Oh Soo Jung, a highly motivated emergency room intern who believes in supernatural phenomena, miracles, and fantasy, contrary to her job in the medical field.

Meanwhile, Ghost Doctor already started their filming as shown in the casts’ glimpse and hinting posts in their social media accounts. It is scheduled to air in early 2022.

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