Reasons why you should binge-watch “Jinny’s Kitchen”

What’s cooking on Prime Video? If you are currently scrolling the internet and looking for some refresher, this Korean variety show is just for you!

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Jinny’s Kitchen, a snack bar located in the village of Bacalar introduces and offers Korean cuisine in a foreign country. If you are strolling around the corner, no doubt you would drop by.

Here are the reasons why you could actually finish it in one sitting!

1. The Executives & Interns

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Successful sales, good service, and menu feedback wouldn’t be acquired without the skillful personnel. Let’s get to know them first!

  • The President: Lee Seo Jin
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The boss and the face of Jinny’s Kitchen prioritize the profit, welfare, and whereabouts of his employees. “Good food, good mood” This quote applies to the customers. On the other hand, the sales reflected the boss’ mood.

Lee Seo Jin manages the front kitchen- takes the order, and serves it afterward. He is also in charge of customer requests and most importantly- the cash register.

His mood varies depending on the number of tables being occupied then, his dimple would be beaming a lot. Otherwise, he would shake his head and stare flatly at the vacant vicinity.

  • Executive Director: Jung Yu Mi
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The newly promoted Jung Yu Mi as the Executive Director is also the gimbap master! Admiringly, she was one of the busiest in the front kitchen as different flavors of orders swarmed on the board beside her and she still control the busiest hours.

She was all smiles and kept herself undistracted from different factors. Her aura radiates like a burst of sunshine.

Aside from that, she keeps on telling herself that she can do it and is not hesitant to try again if she needed to redo the menu. Yu Mi wholeheartedly volunteer to do the rice meals! Yes, that’s the spirit girl!

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With his gloves and chef transparent mask, you can tell that his territory was the back kitchen. Seo Jun’s cooking skills contribute to the sales unquestionably! He was in charge of most menus with the help of his assistant.

He moves swiftly around the kitchen like a pro. With the help of his lectures and knowledge of how to do the recipe helps Taehyung very well. Their tandem was ideal.

Park Seo Jun would just laugh at the moments whenever the other members would complain about how their day went and how tired they are.

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Choi Woo Shik is the senior all-around assistant! Tagging him as an all-rounder because- he occasionally washes the dishes, adds tables and chairs if needed due to the long queue of customers, prepares the drinks, is in charge of the trash, deals with the customer using Spanish words and phrases that he learned, and giving out of flyers.

It seems like he was naturally having conversations with different individuals but an “I” in his MBTI. He was Choi Woo Shik after all!

On the other hand, Woo Shik loves to delay the opening hours as he was drained from all of the works that happened the other day.

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The newly recruit intern Kim Taehyung is passionate with the work that was given to him. He was the human grater, the dishwasher, he was also flipping the open & close signage, and his signature dish with the supervision of Seo Jun is the fricken and hellamyeon.

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One fact about Taehyung is that loves to eat a lot of ramyeon! He was a big eater wherein he could finish about 3-5 packs of it in just 1 meal. Also, he would crave Seo Jun’s corndog.

Aside from aiming another job title which is the sous chef, Seo Jun would tell him to do more. Taehyung would sing his heart with emotions depending on the current situations they are in plus, the lyrics that they can relate into it. He was the back kitchen vocalist and the dancing machine.

Witness how the staffs manages the different circumstances to reach their quotas throughout the day!

Added to the list of Jinny’s Kitchen staff;

The honorary dog: Perro

Perro is the Spanish word for dog and the staff agrees it will be his name. He was named “Seo Jin” (boss’ name) at first then “Inny” but decided to call him Perro at the end. It was a black dog with a white spot on his chest area.

It was normal in Bacalar that dogs would come inside an establishment and the locals as well as the tourists enjoy their company.

2. Virtual Tour in Bacalar, Mexico

Have you known about a city in Mexico named Bacalar? Was it also your first time to heard it? This place deserves to be recognized as it offers a breathtaking view. The crystal clear blue lake that surrounded Bacalar is very inviting to do sea sports activities.

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Starting from episode 1, we are privilege enough to experience a virtual tour for free and see the beauty of landscapes, culture, food, and people in Bacalar!

Watch this clip as if it was very inviting to dive into the water and feel the coolness of it!

3. Mouthwatering Episodes

Heads up! Make sure to have your favorite food or Korean snacks on your side that can satisfy you while watching because each episode will surely make you crave whatever the kitchen staff are cooking!

The original first batch of menus are the following:

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Rice meals and different fruit quenchers were also added to the list.

The best part is that you can enjoy your version of the Korean dishes that were exactly served, as you can jot down in your notes the ingredients and procedures as it was flashing on screen! Keep the focus mga bes!

Also, comment down below and share with us if you have already tried cooking the following menus and how it tastes!

4. Pure fun and entertaining

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is what it is! Every episode will make you giggle with every customer’s expression featuring Woo Shik singing the line “macho macho man” encouraging them to finish their hot and spicy meal.

Moreover, as each staff got to enjoy the beautiful Bacalar, it was also pleasing and calming for the viewers even just seeing it on screen.

This a reminder not to skip the last episode as each member got to answer the FAQ about them.

Enjoy until the 11th episode of Jinny’s Kitchen on Prime Video!

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