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Get to know and get swooned by Kim Young Dae’s charm!

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Who can’t resist his charm? Kim Young Dae is one of those South Korean actors who can captivate our hearts in an instant with his great talent and aura.

Wanna know more about him? Gotcha! Here are the things you might not know about Kim Young Dae.

He is a Pisces

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He was born on March 2, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea.

An artist under Outer Korea

He is one of the talented and charismatic actors under Outer Korea Agency.

Acting debut

In 2017, Kim Young Dae started his journey in acting through the web series, Secret Crushes: Special Edition.

Kim Young Dae’s memorable first acting experience – There was a time that he acted while the back of his head was filmed because he didn’t know where the camera was. He was unfamiliar since he didn’t major in acting.

First lead role

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Kim Young Dae landed his first lead role as Gong Tae Sung in tvN rom-com series, Shooting Stars alongside Lee Sung Kyung. He pulled off his respective role here and his chemistry with Lee Sung Kyung is so perfect.

“Kang Dong Won of Web dramas”

He is called, the “Kang Dong Won of web dramas” since many fans think that he and actor Kang Dong Won have a great resemblance.

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In one of his interviews in 2019, Kim Young Dae said that he likes and admires actor Kang Dong Won but he doesn’t think that he resembles him. He is cautious, he is trying to be Kim Young Dae who has his color rather than anyone else.

He wanted to become a soccer player

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When Kim Young Dae was young, he dreamed to become a soccer player since he really likes playing soccer when he was a kid.

Destined to become an actor

Initially, Kim Young Dae didn’t want to pursue acting, He shared in his interview with Showbiz Korea how it all started, it was when Kim Young Dae came to Korea during his vacation while he was studying overseas, he accidentally met the CEO of his current agency, Outer Korea and he suggested that he should try acting. Kim Young Dae was asked if he wanted to act, so that’s when he thought in earnest about acting. He was preparing to get a job but wanted to try something new and challenge himself.

His parents were against his acting career at first

Pursuing to become an actor is not easy for Kim Young Dae since his parents were against it at first since he is already studying at Fudan University, a prestigious university in China. He persuaded his parents to take two years off and start acting and finally got their permission.

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He enjoys reading

In his interview with Vogue in 2021, Kim Young Dae shared that he loves reading novels. He also reads poems, and he thinks that poems are really nice. “When you are having a hard time, and you keep reading it, you absorb the words, and it heals you” he mentioned.

He is fluent in Chinese

Young Dae is fluent in Chinese since he studied in China. He said in one of his interviews that being fluent in Chinese helped him easily do the scene in The Penthouse where he speaks Chinese phrases.

He can play guitar and piano

Kim Young Dae is so talented. Did you know that he can play a musical instrument as well? Yes! You see it right, he can play guitar and piano. He said he learned to play piano when he was young but he never played again after middle school.

Supposed to star in ‘School 2021’

It was announced on May 25, 2021, that Kim Young Dae will star in School 2021 as Jung Young Joo but due to production issues Kim Young Dae it was announced in July that he decided to step down from the drama. Choo Young Woo played the role of Jung Young Joo instead.

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Historical drama

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The Forbidden Marriage is Kim Young Dae’s first historical drama. It is a webtoon-based drama that tells the story of King Lee Heon who lost his crown princess 7 years ago, because of that incident he issued a marriage ban in Joseon.

This is his second drama lead role, Young Dae played the role of King Lee Heon, he did a great job playing the king’s role and he looks great wearing the king’s robe. Because of his great portrayal of his role here, he received recognition- an Excellence Award, and Actor in a Miniseries at the 2022 MBC drama awards.

Award-winning actor

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You can’t deny the fact that Kim Young Dae can pull off whatever roles he is entrusted with.

The first award that he received was a Netizen Award for his role, Cha Soo Ho in the series, Cheat on Me If You Can in the 2020 KBS Drama Award Ceremony.

He also received other awards and nominations for his dramas, Extraordinary You, The Penthouse, Forbidden Marriage, and Shooting Stars

He’s on Instagram

Kim Young Dae has an official Instagram account, you can follow him @youngdae0302 for more updates about him.

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