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Omo.Diner: A Must-Try Retro-Inspired Korean-themed Restaurant in Makati!

If you’ve been looking for a unique Korean-themed restaurant to try here in the Metro, omo.diner is the place to be! 

Located in Makati, omo.diner sits at the ground level of Cattleya Gardens Condominium. You can easily spot it with its eye-catching name and exterior decor, and once you go inside, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the late 1980s! If you’ve watched Seoul Vibe, the place totally has that vibe. 

Luckily, the Annyeong Oppa Team got the opportunity to try this amazing restaurant ourselves! Here’s what awaits you when you visit:

Their hip interior: 

Those neon lights and checkered designs feel like it was a trendy spot in the 80s! Combining it with the red and white chairs completes the look! The place might be quite small, as it can only accommodate at most 10 people inside. However, the outside space is very welcoming and Instagrammable and it can accommodate you well! 

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We also consider it a K-Pop fan haven, as they have a TV that plays K-Pop songs nonstop! The server was kind enough to play some of our requested songs from Seventeen and Red Velvet!

OMO~! The food is the best!

Their menu offers a wide variety of Korean food. From delicious bread to rice and pasta, they offer it all. It makes the diner a place to be, whether you’re looking for a meal at any time of the day. The best part? Most of the food they offer is served for sharing!

Here’s their menu for reference:
p.s we apologize in advance if we weren’t able to take a photo of the menu properly, bes!

Taste test!

Our team tried six dishes that we were all happy to eat! And for a thorough ~review~ were sharing the dish down below.

Corn and Cheese Pizza

Okay, this is my first time in a long while to see a square-sliced pizza, and it can easily serve up to three people! The pizza is very hearty, and its unique visual makes it too tempting not to eat! 

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Mayak Chili Chickin

Fried chicken is always part of Korean cuisine! The sauce might be too spicy for some of our palates, but its dip blends and completes the flavor.

Towoomba (Spicy and Creamy Seafood Ramyeon Pasta)

If we are to recommend a menu to try during your visit, THIS IS THE ONE. A total chef’s kiss! This meal is good for sharing, and the amazing balance of seafood and ramyeon pasta is an unexpected combination that worked so well!

Classic Tteokbokki

Their classic tteokbokki taste is pretty identical to the ones you can buy in Seoul! So yes, it’s spicy. The mozzarella cheese topping is a delightful addition to this snack.

Mochi Berries and Cream Waffle

Ever tried a fluffy and eggy waffle? If not yet, let this be the one to set your standard when it comes to eggy waffles! The berries and cream were placed aesthetically, and it tastes so good!

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Peach Mango Bingsu

Nothing beats a meal that ends with a delicious and sweet frozen dessert, right? This bingsu is prepared to perfection, and there are plenty of peach mangoes in it! We loved how the shaved ice was easy to scoop, and eating it with the peach mango is something we would come back for.

Omo.Diner is the place to be for Hallyu fans who wanted to spazz and eat! 

True to its name, omo.diner will make you exclaim, “Omo!” every time a meal arrives at your table. The wide variety of the menu is designed for guests who are craving a unique Korean food experience. 

Don’t forget to gather your fellow ~bessies~ to try Omo.diner now! 

You can also watch our short experience below.

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