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The upcoming Disney+ series “RACE” spotlights relatable real-life experiences of office workers today


Last May 8, 2023, a press conference was held with the cast of the upcoming Disney+ exclusive series called RACE and was hosted by Park Kyungrim.

With RACE’s storyline, its title seems to fit perfectly but there was more meaning behind the four letter word.

Director Lee Dongyoon shared that the title RACE was actually an acronym for Research, Action, Communication, and Evaluation. And aside from that, another meaning of RACE that he gave was, “People who are running their own race with their own speed or pace and path.”

Lee Dongyoon| Disney+

The story revolves around the different people who works in a PR (Public Relations) company. One of the main characters of the story is Park Yoonjo (played by Lee Yeonhee), a hardworking and passionate contract worker in a conglomerate PR company, and the struggles that she faces.

Having to portray her character, Lee Yeonhee stated that “You really have to love your work and be passionate in order to be professional in this field.”

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Lee Yeonhee | Disney+

Yeonhee made a lot of preparations for her character, starting with reading book titles provided by the writer of RACE and also by speaking with her friends who are working in a corporate set up to give her an idea on how to play her role.

Ryu Jaemin (played by Hong Jonghyun), is Park Yoonjo’s friend who also works at the same PR company as Yoonjo and enjoys work-life balance. He’s Yoonjo’s exact opposite. If Yoonjoo has full of passion but lacks qualifications, Jaemin on the other hand has the qualification but lacks passion. For Jaemin, “Work is work, Life is life. And my life is more important than work.”

Hong Jonghyun | Disney+

On the other hand, Goo Yijung (played by Moon Sori) is a well-known PR specialist in the world who has worked in South Korea and the US. Her friend, the CEO of the conglomerate PR company where Yeonhee and Jaemin worked, made her CCO of the PR company. Since the company was a big old conglomerate with a long history and an old culture, she wanted to make based on the passion that she had seen from the young generation.

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Moon Sori | Disney+

Jonghyun added that if he has a boss like Moon Sori, he will trust that boss and follow his/her lead. He also added that he loves working with Moon Sori. 

While Seo Donghoon (played by Jung Yunho) is the CEO of the company called Earth Communication who has a flexible mindset. He’s the kind of boss that every office worker dreams of. The kind of boss who prioritizes his employee’s happiness for the success of his company.

Jung Yunho | Disney+

Director Lee assured the viewers that RACE will surely stand out with its own unique charm despite having a similar setting to one of the well-known dramas called “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”. Not only that, but they also guaranteed that the viewers will find themselves rooting for the characters as each of them will surely intrigue the viewers. 

RACE will start streaming today, May 10, exclusively on Disney+.

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