K-Celebs Who Appeared In 2nd Gen K-Pop Music Videos

If you started liking K-Pop music during the second generation era, one of the things that impress you aside from their music, would be their music videos.

K-Pop groups back then looks like a mini drama series as most of their videos features stories and guest stars! To boost their videos’ impact, their amazing and hard to practice dance moves completes the group’s music videos.

And yes mga bes, I once again used my researching and reminiscing feels to re-watch some of my favorite second generation K-Pop songs only to find out that it features some of my favorite Korean stars as well!

So without further a do, here’s my list:

PSY’s Gangnam Style with Hyuna, Yoo Jae Suk and Noh Hong Chul

Okay admit it, you also tried to dance Gangnam Style when you were young whether it is on your family reunion or Christmas party. This hit literally broke records for being the first ever Youtube video earning 1 BILLION views.

Just when I started watching Infinite Challenge, I was really surprised to easily identify that it was Yoo Jae Suk who’s wearing that Yellow Suit!

Kpop GIF

Not only that, another Infinite Challenge former member, Noh Hong Chul was also part of this iconic music video! Specifically this one:

Animated GIF

And yes, former 4MINUTE member, Hyuna also joined PSY in this music video that you wouldn’t mind listening to right?

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Highlight’s (BEAST) Fiction with Park Bo Young

Will you believe that if it wasn’t for her drama, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I wouldn’t recognized that the pretty lady in this MV is Park Bo Young? Yes bes! Surprise I guess?! I was casually watching and listening to this song when I realized that the lady is indeed familiar!

Animated GIF

You can easily identify that it is Bo Young in the first few minutes of the video. And if you aren’t still convinced, you can watch the whole video below! And I assure you, you’ll be like “That’s Do Bong Soon!” because SAME.

2NE1’s I Don’t Care with Lee Jong Suk

Before we loved him as Kang Chul, Lee Jong Suk also guested to a K-Pop music video. Since he is under YG Entertainement back then, he made a short appearance to 2NE1’s I Don’t Care!

Animated GIF

At first, you wouldn’t thought that Lee Jong Suk will appear in a music video with the very old school hairstyle! But on the later parts, we can easily confirmed that he is indeed the dude with Dara!

Still not convinced? Then why not watch it for yourself? *winks* You can find him at the 1:01 mark and 2:15-2:20 marks:

BIGBANG’s Haru-Haru with Park Min Young

Before we all wished we become Park Min Young for being blessed with different male leads, Min Young joined BIGBANG in their Haru-Haru music video as G-Dragon and T.O.P’s leading lady. You can easily recognize her in the first few seconds of the music video!

Animated GIF

This iconic song of BIGBANG also helped them mark their spot in the K-Pop industry, and yes, this is also some of Min Young’s early projects during her career beginnings!

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Dara’s Kiss with Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin

When Dara released her first single as in Korea, this song was able to gain a lot of attention not only because it is a hit from 2NE1’s Dara but because Lee Min Ho was her leading man in the MV! He sure is recognizable with his appearance! And yes, we can also spot some part where Kim Woo Bin was shown as well!

Animated GIF

If you were wondering, this is the MV Dara once mentioned where she had 51 takes to perfect a kiss scene with Lee Min Ho! Feel free to watch and listen below:

K. Will’s I Need You with Ji Chang Wook, SISTAR’s Bora, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Bo-ra

This romantic song and music video of K. Will gives us a Ji Chang Wook, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Bo Ra and SISTAR’s Bora in one video! The music video is all about SISTAR’s Bora and Ji Chang Wook being a long time lovers and how the two were deeply in love with each other. What makes it special is that the young Ji Chang Wook was played by the cutie, Yeo Jin Goo! The young Bora was played by Kim Bo Ra!

Animated GIF

Get to feel the kiligs on how these sweethearts (well, on the MV) showed their love with each other! Hoping they can reunite in a drama soon!

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Bang Yongguk’s I Remember with Park Seo Joon and Han Su Yeon

This song by Bang Yongguk of B.A.P features Yang Yo Seob of Highlight! The music video might be into violence and intense scenes but one thing we couldn’t ignore is that Park Seo Jun is the leading man in this music video! His leading lady is Han Su Yeon, and they were both rookie stars back then.

Animated GIF

**trigger warning** You can watch Park Seo Joon’s acting in this heartbreaking MV but let me remind you, baka masaktan ka bes. Still a good hit that you can listen here:

Special Mentions:

SHINEE’s Minho to SNSD’s Gee
Hong Jong Hyun & Lee Soo Hyuk to 2NE1’s Falling in Love
AKMU’s Give Love with Nam Joo Hyuk
PSY’s Gentleman with Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Park Myung Soo, Jeong Hyung Don, Jung Jung Ha (Infinite Challenge Casts) & Brown Eyed Girl’s GAIN

Yieee, admit it, you feel nostalgic listening to the songs right? Which celebrity surprised you the most bes?

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