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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”

Get ready to hold your breath as Lee Ji-ah is Hong Taera in Disney Plus’ latest series, Pandora: Beneath the Paradise. Fellow stars Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong and Bong Tae-gyu join the cast lineup.

Quick plot overview:

Many people envy Hong Taera’s life. She is married to a powerful man and has a lovely daughter. Her life takes an unexpected turn, and she discovers that she is living under an assumed identity. As her memories return, she transforms into a woman ready to fight and willing to risk everything to protect her family.

Looking for reasons why you should watch the series? Here you go:

1. Lee Ji-ah takes a strong role as Hong Taera

The first few episodes provide us with ample background on the female lead, Hong Taera. Taera is introduced as the family’s sophisticated and lovely matriarch. Despite her elegant nature, Taera is left confused by certain dreams she gets. Particularly, when she notices a young woman who’s skilled at combat.  

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However, an incident triggers her long-forgotten memories to resurface, giving her the biggest surprise of her life.

Photo courtesy of Disney Plus Philippines

If you enjoy watching a series in which a woman has a secret to be uncovered, make sure to include this title. Actress Lee Ji-ah’s ability to play an elegant and wealthy woman is similar to her previous role in The Penthouse. 

2. Money and Power vs. Money and Power

Want to take a break from romance-comedy and slice-of-life titles? Pandora might be the next drama on your favorites list!

With the intense tension of its cast and its antagonists, this mystery-thriller drama will make your blood boil. You’ll surely want to join our protagonists in getting their revenge, no matter how long it takes. You’ll be introduced to a wealthy mistress, a corrupt politician, and a taunting business owner, all waiting to strike to bring our main leads down.

Photo courtesy of Disney Plus Philippines

The good thing about Pandora, though, is that the antagonists are pitted against our protagonists, who are wealthy and powerful too. Making it very interesting to watch as both social classes start to clash.

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3. Get ready to be stressed and thrilled. Like, a LOT.

Given the drama’s genre, a series of emotions will definitely be felt. Its first two episodes were enough to catch the feelings of its viewers and play with them. Do you want the feeling of punching someone? There’s a scene in this series that’ll make you feel that way.

Clearly, this series sends us an early message that you won’t feel any butterflies. Instead, you’ll yearn to find answers to questions with answers waiting to be uncovered in the succeeding episodes.

Photo courtesy of Disney Plus Philippines
Streaming now at Disney Plus Philippines

If you feel that you want to join Hong Taera in being the powerful woman that she is, make sure to tune in. Pandora: Beneath the Paradise is available for streaming via Disney Plus Philippines.

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