Fans ran wild at the recently concluded LEE JAE WOOK <FIRST> Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Manila!

The extraordinary night started when Lee Jae Wook came out off the stage and began serenading his fans with Every Day, Every Moment by Paul Kim.

The crowd immediately fell in love with his husky voice and the place was filled with loud cheers!

As the event goes on, Jae Wook talks about his favorites and habit, gives advice to fans, played games with them, and shared his best three ending scenes from Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.

Lee Jae Wook’s TMI

Jae Wook talks about his favorite song, food, and movie.

He said that kimchi fried rice is the food that he would recommend to his fans. He also flexes Hwang Minhyun’s song, Hidden Side in his playlist. (We love a supportive chingu!)

The movie, Christmas in August is his favorite. He shared that he is not particular about the genre.

When asked about the genre he would like to try as an actor, he said that he would like to play a sexy, powerful, and villain character. (We will wait for this!)

Lee Jae Wook’s Habit

During this segment, Jae Wook jokingly said that he spent hours checking his phone as his daily routine. Relate so much? But no, he explained that the truth is after waking up, he goes out and works out.

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Jae Wook also prefers sending messages multiple times rather than a long message at once and checking emails later than right away.

He also said that he likes to rest at home instead of going out, then he would cook sugary foods.

Lee Jae Wook Wants to Know About You

Jae Wook advises lucky fans!

Some fans who sent their message got the chance to hear back from Jae Wook. And he has the best and most savage reply!

One fan asked, “How do you keep a positive mind and attitude all throughout?

Jae Wook said that he is not that kind of person, but if you try to pretend to be happy, you will get happy.

Actually I’m not that kind of person. But let’s say that in a day I work for ten hours, for nine and a half hours I pretend to be positive. Apparently, my everyday is acting. But if you do that, you really get happy. I just pretended to be happy, but I realized I was really happy.” – Lee Jae Wook

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Another fan wrote, “If you felt tired with work, how or what did you do to find that spark again to continue what you’re doing?

Jae Wook’s heartful yet savage answer was, “Burn out comes to everyone. It means you are too tired. I think resting is an option that we always have to figure out, you don’t always have to keep on running. Once you rest you’ll get to see the fun of your work once again. But if you don’t see it, it’s time for you to look for another job.”

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Best 3 Ending Scene

The ending scenes from episodes six, seven, and ten are Jae Wook’s favorite.

He also shared that if there is a possibility of Alchemy of Souls Season 3, he would like to have an action scene with Buyeon and focus on romance, too.

As the event drew closer, Jae Wook played games with selected fans and took a photo with them. One fan was wearing a Naksu outfit! (We love the effort!)

Lastly, Jae Wook says his final message and once again serenaded fans with Tomboy by Hyukoh.

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I really had a fun time today. This is a country I would to come back to. I’m very thankful and I love you all. We’ll meet again soon“, Lee Jae Wook’s goodbye message to fans.

Thank you for an extraordinary night, Lee Jae Wook! And yes, we’ll see you again soon!

Thank you also to Wilbros Live for making this event possible.

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