Richard Juan recreated Park Seojoon & Kim Soohyun’s remarkable photos + A short interview

Written by Sarah Jessica Mercado

Just like you and me, our resident oppa Richard Juan is an avid fan of K-dramas. To show his support to our favorites, such as Park Seojoon and Kim Soohyun, he recreated their photos for some good vibes on his Instagram feed.

Aside from that, we also had the chance to get a short interview with him! When we asked him what inspired him to take these challenges, he answered:

I just saw PSJ’s photo and I thought it’d be cute to recreate the same shot with my baby Riphie! Didn’t think it’d get viral and get featured in Dispatch pa! For Moon Gang Tae, I’ve been following the show and I love it! Always had the idea to recreate some show stills na and since there were a lot of reactions to the PSJ photos, I thought i’d be the perfect time for it too!

Recently, he was featured in Dispatch which is a popular media outlet in South Korea. He shared that he literally screamed upon knowing the news from a friend. He jokingly said that he is already learning Korean language because he might have a chance to be an actor there.

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Now, let us check his photos below!

1. Wait, where is Kim Soohyun here?

2. He even had a photo recreating a scene from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Big thanks to KimSooHyunShii (weluvkimsoohyun) fanpage on Twitter for the wonderful edit!

3. Since a lot of his supporters asked for more, here’s the third entry

4. Lastly, the #ParkSeoJoonChallenge #PSJchallenge

The photo in particular, Seojoon held his dog Simba; meanwhile, Richard held his dog Riphie for a quick photoshoot.

Photo from Dispatch
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