Chinese Drama Recommendation: Time and Him are Just Right

Chinese dramas have increasingly captured the attention of the drama-loving world. And as we all know, there is something in a Chinese drama for everyone.

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Here are some reasons to start watching ‘Time and Him are Just Right’ if you’re looking for a romantic Chinese drama to binge-watch.

The Plot

This drama is one of those young adult dramas with a strong emphasis on romance. The focus of the drama is the adorable, stubborn Lin Xi’s deliberate approach to the cunning top student Ji Jun Xing.

With the assistance of Jun Xing’s parents, Lin Xi has the chance to move to a prestigious high school. She finds out that the reason they are willing to assist her is because her late brother’s heart. Lin Xi believes that Jun Xing has the heart of her brother inside of him, which is why she is eager to meet him and wants to become friends with him.

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Feelings blossom between the two throughout their ‘opportunistic’ connection since they are always there for one another. In the end, they achieve not only their own aspirations and goals but also those of their new friends.

The Main Characters

Following a transfer, Lin Xi is now a new student at Chunhui High School. She is real and caring, yet she will not allow herself to be bullied.

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The best student of Chunhui High School is Jun Xing. He doesn’t make friends easily and has little interest in doing so. But because of his good appearance and academic performance, Jun Xing has many admirers.

Superb Friendship

In addition to the main characters, the drama also features a few more supporting characters, such as love rivals. And as they transition from high school students to working adults, the group becomes even closer. Which is even after the separation, the friendships that were built continues.

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Did you fall in love with this drama too? You can watch the full episodes on iQIYI and WeTV.

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