Three years and four months after their #KeepSpinningInManila concert, GOT7 Park Jin Young is finally back for his Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Me Fanconcert!

The day has finally come for Park Jin Young to carry out GOT7’s promise to Filo Ahgases in 2019. They will come back. Well, they did!

Although not as a group, Jay B, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae already fulfilled their promise. Now it’s time for the #GOT7Tingi Jinyoung version!

A few hours before his secret meeting with fans, Jinyoung held an exclusive press conference attended by media partners. Luckily, Annyeong Oppa‘s question was answered by him!

GOT7 Jinyoung during his media conference

Annyeong Oppa asked him about his role model or someone that he admire and look up to.

The idol-actor said that he recently met someone that he looks up to and it was no other than Lee Byung Hun!

“The younger generation have those people who they look up to and recently I met someone that I look up to, Lee Byung Hun sunbae, that was such a good experience”, Jinyoung said.

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In 2021, it was reported that Jinyoung has officially joined BH Entertainment, founded by Lee Byung Hun.

In addition, Jinyoung shared a sweet message for Ahgases! He expressed his appreciation to his fans for waiting for him and promised that he will come back.

“Thank you everyone, for all the fans, for waiting for me although it has been so many years we didn’t see each other. I really appreciate that all the fans were waiting for me to come back and greeted me with warm welcome. I will give my best for this concert and I will come back after this concert. Mahal kita”, Jinyoung’s message to fans.

Mahal ka rin namin, Jinyoung! See you again next time!

A big thank you to PULP Live World for making this event happen.

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