An Above Ordinary Night with AOMG Follow the Movement World Tour 2023 in Manila! 

PH fans had been asking for an AOMG concert for a couple of years now and it was definitely worth the wait! 

It’s been a week already but everyone is still on high as AOMG artists gave their PH fans an above ordinary concert experience! A 4-hour long concert that was filled with a variety of music from Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco, Lee Hi, Yugyeom, and Woo. The first ever AOMG concert in Manila made all fans so hyped while singing wholeheartedly and screaming at the top of their lungs for every artist’s onstage appearance. It was really an enjoyable and thrilling moment for everyone.

Woo wows the crowd!

The South Korean rapper, Woo, was the opening act of the show. He literally set the stage and was spitting fire through all his songs. The crowd cheered “Woo! Woo! Woo!” after every performance and you can clearly see how he flashed a lovely smile every time. The Show Me The Money 3rd placer’s set list includes R. I. P, Chik Chik Pok Pok, Chingiz Khan, and his latest song Me

Woo started the set strong with his blazing rap skills and enigmatic stage charisma. “I spit, full of smoke and I’ma make it rain” from Chik Chik Pok Pok is literally the tone that translated throughout the whole concert. He raised the bar high on the onset and the overflow of this energy kept everyone in high spirits until the end of the show.

What a powerful opening from Woo Wonjae! 

Our Only “Lee Hi”

Lee Hi was next and she opened her set with the ballad song “You“. Everyone was in awe with her soothing and healing voice. It was really a dream to see her sang live with Breathe, Savior, Rose, H.S.K.T, No One, 1 2 3 4, and the crowd even went wilder with Red Lipstick

She is the kind of chic that exudes feistiness on stage. The only rose among the AOMG crew is no ordinary girl. Equal to the machismo of his brothers is her powerful persona while belting out the tunes of her song. She’s the sunshine whose rays are blinding that night because it radiates bright. She’s an all Hi-gh, power-packed peformer and everyone can agree to this.

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She was so happy post-show and said “You guys are our real fans”. Ha-yi also noticed a banner “하이 BE MY WIFEY” and got it during their encore stage.

We can’t wait to say hi to you again our beloved Lee Hi!

Manila just ” Say Yes” to Loco

Afterwards, everyone went crazy with Loco. He entered looking like a cute university boy wearing a brown top with specs, but behind those soft and cool visuals, this man’s stage presence was really on another level. (Loco nakakaloka ka!) No wonder why he was one of most anticipated performers of the night.

He sang Party Band, Too much, MBTI, OPPA, Like Water, It Takes Time, ON IT + BO$$ and No Manners. Manila also heard his duet songs with Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Don’t and Somebody.

He shared that he came before to Cebu when he studied English. Loco was also thrilled when learned how popular “Say Yes” in the Philippines. This was a duet with Punch and OST of the popular kdrama, MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO. Loco was so surprised on how the crowd sang the OST loudly and passionately. So before the encore, he went up on stage again to fulfill the request of fans to sing it in full. 

He was the night’s biggest revelation as he made everyone’s hurt flutter with his extraordinary charm, sexiness (that shirtless performance made everyone go LOCA with Loco!) and pure sincerity in acknowledging his fans’ love for him and his works.

Loco we will say yes to you over and over again! 

PH fans lose control with Gray

Everyone lost their control with an experience of Grayground from Gray. It’s no TMI that everyone wanted to stay the night and didn’t want it to end. He showed us that apart from him being one of the amazing producers in the industry, he’s also a great performer. Dream Chaser, Close 2 U, Moon Blue, Baby Don’t Cry, Lose Control and Stay The Night were included on his powerful performance.. Loco went up on stage again to join him during Just Do It and Late Night.

He’s a great musician and performer with a visual reminiscent of a K-drama Oppa. An all-in-one package that comes handy with something extra to give. He’s the presence that you’d like to hear and look at, comforting and heart-pounding at the same time.

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During his ment, he asked fans “Kumusta ka” and the venue was filled with loud screams that turned into overflowing kilig.

Gray you made our night a colorful one!

Yugyeom take down the stage

Yugyeom who’s looking so fine took the stage with I Want U Around. The youngest AOMG artist and Got7 member was also very pleased to see all fans cheering for him. He performed Take You Down, Lights, All About You where he was joined by Loco, Running Through The Rain with Gray playing an instrumental, All Your Fault, Love The Way, and his latest single Pony Tail

The maknae also gave a dance break to Woo’s Chingiz Khan. He even went down a couple of times to get closer to fans. His very close interactions were definitely plotted on their core memory forever. 

He maybe the youngest member of this crew but he showcased a performance that did not get intimated by the experience of his seniors. As a solo artist, he took off of his Idol-like image and presented the rawness of who Yugyeom is.

We would love to see you around again, Yugyeom! 

Simon Dominic “A man we must protect”

Last but definitely not the least is the one and only Simon Dominic. It was very evident that he’s also one of the most anticipated acts that night as he was welcomed by very loud screams that shook every part of New Frontier Theater. 

Ssamdi burned the stage with his opening song “DAx4”. It was followed by “Simon Dominic” and up until now, that “Simon D.o.m.i.n.i.c oh oh” is still playing in our heads. During his short ment, he greeted fans with a “Magandang gabi po” and everyone just got kilig all over again. And everyone volunteered when he said he was looking for his Wifey. He then proceeded to sing his song with the same title. 

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Ssamdi’s energy not to mention his humor and raspiness is what kept everyone still in high spirits even after 3 hours to the show. He made the concert feel like a big party experience, complete with great music, the best performers and yes, presence of our local brandy that also stole the show.

POSE!, room type, y’aint gang, GOTT, Party Forever, Mommae, NO THANXXX, and Comfortable were also part of his powerful stage.

SsamDi please come back again and we will help you find your wifey (or can one of us volunteer instead?). 😘

Our AOMG faves in one stage!

During the encore stage, they all gathered and sang 119 Remix, UPSIDE DOWN, TTFU, Party for the Night, On Air, We Are and Who You. There were so many things happening on stage at the same time but the only constant was how their faces showed sincere happiness and enjoyment. Manila definitely gave them a night that they will always cherish and remember. 

The experience to have watched AOMG artists performed live was really a moment that will forever be imprinted on our minds. Being able to hear their songs and see their collaboration stages upfront is a welcome treat to everyone who attended their Manila concert. It’s not always that we get to witness talented performers in one stage and it is safe to say that AOMG is really a home to artists with diverse talent and musicality. They really gave life to what their label stands for – Above Ordinary Music Group

Thank you so much Pulp Live World for bringing them here and for inviting Annyeong Oppa. This concert will surely be the standard for all the upcoming events this 2023. 

It’s A-OMG awesome!

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