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Ji Chang Wook PH sends food and coffee truck support to Ji Chang Wook’s “Annarasumanara” filming set!

Ji Chang Wook Philippines expressed their unfailing love and support to actor Ji Chang Wook by sending a food and coffee Truck on July 14 to his filming set of the upcoming webtoon based drama Annarasumanara.

Ji Chang Wook showed his appreciation and gratitude as well by featuring it on his instagram story.

His caption reads as:

“Thanks to this exceptionally beautiful coffee truck, I had a wonderful drink today. 💕”

He also answered their witty message written on the banner saying:

“Are you a magician? Because whenever i look into those eyes, everything else disappears.”

Ji Chang Wook responded,


According to them, this was the second time Ji Chang Wook answered their witty message. The first one was during his Backstreet Rookie filming days, they have sent coffee trucks with the banner that says:

“Let’s walk through this lifetime journey together.”

He then answered,

“Until the end, thank you 💕💕”

Ji Chang Wook PH shared as well that they encountered some difficulties during the preparation of coffee truck to be sent but they did not let that hinder their plan to support Ji Chang Wook and successfully sent it on time.

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They are also doing monthly charitable project under Ji Chang Wook’s name. So if you want to participate to their charitable works, visit and follow them on their facebook page.

After 3 months of persistently waiting, congratulations to Ji Chang Wook Philippines! We are so genuinely happy for you. 💜

Let’s look forward for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming drama, Annarasumanara alongside Hwang In Yeop and Choi Sung Eun.

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