BREAKING: Park Bo Gum joins ‘The Black Label’

After ending his exclusive contract at Blossom Entertainment, South Korean actor Park Bo Gum joins The Black Label. It is a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment, headed by Teddy Park.

Earlier last week, Bo Gum was embroiled in rumors that he is signing with more well-known agencies such as HYBE and YG. However, both agencies have denied the rumors, revealing only that the actor has signed with The Black Label.

Park Bo Gum is set to make a fresh start in his new label as he works on his upcoming shows: Wonderland, a Netflix film, and You Have Done Well, a drama with IU.

Bo Gum joins Jeon Somi, Taeyang, Zion.T, Løren, and Lee Joo-Myung as some of the artists signed to the label.

We’re hoping that he’ll release more music now that he’s signed to a music label!

Let’s all wish Park Bo Gum well! 

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