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Kim Seon Ho, Cha Seung Won, Kim Kang Woo confirm to star in upcoming film, “Tyrant”

It’s confirmed! We will see Kim Seon Ho, Cha Seung Won, and Kim Kang Woo in a new film together!

It was announced on January 9 that the well-rounded actors Kim Seon Ho, Cha Seung Won, and Kim Kang Woo are confirmed to star in an upcoming film, Tyrant.

Kim Seon Ho will be playing the role of Director Choi who belongs to a government agency but unofficially runs a “Tyrant Program”.

“It is an honor to greet the audience with the characters I have shown so far and the role of Director Choi, who has another charm. Following ‘The Child,’ we are excited to be part of director Park Hoon Jung’s work once again.”

– Kim Seon Ho

Moreover, Cha Seung Won will star as a former agent named Im Sang, who has been in charge of getting rid of the forces involved in the “Tyrant Program”.

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The role of Paul, a member of the foreign intelligence service, will be portrayed by Kim Kang Woo. His character has the task of destroying the last sample of the “Tyrant Program”.

Tyrant depicts the story of the disappearance of the last sample of the “Tyrant Program” due to a delivery accident and the people who have different motives in claiming it.

The said film will be helmed by director Park Hoon Jung and has begun filming on January 2.

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