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What’s with K-pop idols and their Iced Americano craze?

If you love iced americano, I am *silently* judging you.

It’s a question that keeps boggling in my mind. Through the years of being into K-pop, why are idols always synonymous with drinking iced americano?

Honestly, I have no clue why people like iced americano to start with. I, myself, isn’t a fan of this drink many people tend to enjoy—like how these idols craze it.

NCT Dream’s Jaemin, for example, keeps popping on Tiktok for his infamous iced americano order at Starbucks.

It’s frankly a weird and crazy order for me as Jaemin detailed that he puts eight shots of espresso in a Venti-size Starbucks cup, just ice, and no water.

Clearly, that’s just pure insanity! Not only that it’s mad insane of order, but that is a lot of caffeine right there.

A tall latte from that famous coffee shop will last me for an entire day—I don’t know with eight espresso shots, though.

Jaemin is no special. Other K-pop idols also enjoy their daily caffeine intake with an iced americano.

There is BTS’ Suga, who you can spot he always has an iced americano beside him, especially when he is working as a dedicated producer and idol in the league. Although he confessed that he is trying to reduce his coffee consumption.

GIF | MirgoKT/Pinterest

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo also confessed that coffee is one of her sinful obsessions. She enjoys iced americano as her go-to drink during a hot summer season.

PHOTO | offthepage_js/Twitter

With no professionals in hand that I could consult this question with, I have scouted all possible answers all throughout the Internet and explored why K-pop idols love it so much.

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Koreans and their coffee

To begin with, generally, Koreans love their cafes and a good whiff of coffee! All throughout the season, there is a type of coffee that suits their taste, the weather, and the food they pair it with. Not only K-pop idols.

In Seoul alone, over 18,000 coffee shops are scattered around the city. In addition, Seoul has more Starbucks shops than any other city. Mind-blowing? Truly, Koreans do love their coffee, as they drink 12.3 cups of coffee per week.

Coffee is undoubtedly a part of South Korean culture, as it is prevalent in their everyday lives. With all available beverages in the market, coffee reigns supreme.

As you scroll through Youtube, there are a lot of cafe vlogs of baristas preparing an array of coffee and tea selection. And yes, there is not a day that americano is not ordered, may it be served on ice or plain hot. It’s usually ordered when cafes open in the morning, yet undeniable that it is most bought all day long.

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Why iced americano?

Here are possible reasons I have found out:

  • Great for a caffeine boost

It’s a great drink to keep you energized throughout the day. When all you need is a caffeine kick to start your day, americano is a great drink to buy. More than that, it is a go-to drink for most Koreans as it is extensively available elsewhere and easy to buy. The high caffeine content of iced americano suits the long day schedules of most idols in the industry. Sleep-deprived? Iced americano also got your back.

  • Low calories

When all you need is a boost to get you going, why drink all that sugar and excess calories? Since some idols also consider diet restrictions, they resort to a cup of iced americano, a healthy, low-calorie option for caffeine, especially when the drink has no sugar. They do not have to worry about gaining much weight from it.

  • Light and refreshing taste

It’s basically an espresso shot with water and ice; what’s not refreshing about it? The low bitter hint of the coffee makes the drink light for the palate. Served with pastries and sweets offered in cafes, it is a perfect drink to balance the sweetness of entremets.

  • Fairly cheap
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Korean cafes offer iced americano for as low as 2,000 won—a reasonably cheap drink to consume. One fancy latte could at least get you two to three iced americanos in exchange! It’s an excellent drink to buy in bulk and give some to your friends whom you know need a kick, too.

  • Koreans just love their coffee

Do I even have to explain this? Koreans are just so obsessed with their coffee! For all four seasons throughout the year, there’s a coffee that suits the weather. May it be the most bitter iced americano, the strongest black, or the sweetest latte, no palate is left behind.

How do you like your coffee? Are you also a fan of this drink?

I’ll stick with my matcha latte and caramel macchiato, thanks.

[If you have other questions in mind, let me know in the comments!]

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