7 Chinese Actors That You Should Know Before the Year Ends

Talented actors from China have always abounded in both drama and movies. And they continue to win us over a little bit more with each new movie or drama.

However, have you ever wondered which among the many Chinese actors you should stan? If yes, here’s the list of actors you should get to know!

Arthur Chen Feiyu

He earned recognition for his performances in the dramas ‘Secret Fruit,’ ‘Ever Night,’ and ‘Lighter & Princess.

Image Source: TH ENT

The historical fantasy drama ‘Ever Night,’ in which Arthur starred in 2018, received positive comments. As a result, Arthur received the Super IP New Actor Award at the China Literature Award Ceremony.

He also starred in the youth campus romance film ‘My Best Summer,’ ‘Flowers Bloom in the Ashes,’ ‘Legend of Awakening,’ ‘Immortality,’ and many more.

Ding Yuxi

He is well-known for his appearances as Zhou Chuan in ‘Moonlight,’ Dr. Zhou in ‘Intense Love,’ and Han Shuo in ‘The Romance of the Tiger and Rose.’

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Image Source: Beijing Enlight Media

For his supporting role as Dongfang Bubai in the drama ‘New Smiling Proud Wanderer,’ Ding gained recognition from the fans all over the world in 2018. Some of his dramas are ‘Just an Encore‘ and ‘Reset Life.’

Dylan Wang

Wang He Di, widely known as Dylan Wang, rose to worldwide popularity for his first main role as Daoming Si in the 2018 television series ‘Meteor Garden.’

Image Source: 芒果TV

Following this, it was confirmed that Dylan had been chosen for the role of the male lead in the fantasy drama ‘Ever Night’s’ second season. He has also been cast in the youth revolution drama ‘The National Southwest Associated University and Us.’

Love between Fairy and Devil,’ ‘The Rational Life,’ ‘Miss The Dragon,’ ‘Forbidden Love,’ ‘Never Give Up,’ are just a few of his well-known dramas.

Hu Yitian

He made his acting debut in the 2017 television drama ‘A Rush to Dead Summer.’ He later starred in the popular 2017 web series ‘A Love So Beautiful,’ which helped him gain more public recognition and win several rising star awards.

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Image Source: Zhejiang Huace Film & TV

In the drama ‘Hello, the Sharpshooter,’ he co-starred in with Xing Fei and which aired in 2022 at the Winter Olympics, he later achieved international recognition. Their drama was well received by many fans all over the world, and it became immensely popular.

Lin Yi

Lin Yi, a 23-year-old actor and model, rose to fame after taking the lead role in the 2019 romance web drama ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder.’ This helped him get further recognition.

Image Source: Tangren Media

In addition to this, he has appeared in the costume fantasy drama ‘Linglong,’ the urban emotional drama ‘Memory of Encaustic Tile,’ youth motivational light comedy ‘Love Scenery,’ and his most recent movie ‘One Week Friends.’

Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a professional road motorcycle racer as well as an actor, dancer, singer, and rapper. In 2014, he made his debut with the South Korean-Chinese boy band UNIQ.

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Image Source: Yuehua Entertainment

He is most known as an actor for his appearances in ‘Legend of Fei,’ ‘Luoyang,’ ‘Gank Your Heart,’ ‘The Untamed,’ and ‘Love Actually.’ Yibo was ranked second in 2021 in Forbes China Celebrity 100 list and has consistently appeared on it.

Xiao Zhan

When he took part in the idol survival program X-Fire and had his stage debut as a member of the Chinese boy band X Nine, Xiao Zhan started his career in the music industry.

Image Source: 企鹅影视

He began his acting career in 2016, and since then, his dramas, such as ‘The Untamed,’ ‘Joy of Life,’ ‘The Wolf,’ ‘Douluo Continent,’ and ‘The Oath of Love’ have garnered a lot of attention. He has also received several nominations and accolades for his performances.

Kumusta, bes? Have you decided who to stan next? If so, share it with us in the comment section below.

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