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Here’s How You Can Score BLACKPINK Merch + Cash Prizes!!!

Do you want to have BLACKPINK merch bes but you’re on a tight budget? worry no more, got you!

How? You can join their contest! actually, not 1 but 2 contests!



Join the #ShopeeTVCParodyPH

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  • 1st place: Four (4) signed Blackpink CD's + Php50,000 cash prize
  • 2nd place: Php20,000 cash prize
  • 3rd place: Php10,000 cash prize

Join the #ShopeeLookalikePH

…or you can join Strike a pose like your BLACKPINK bias & get a chance to win BP official lightstick & up to Php80k cash prizes! PRIZES: 1 BP LS + Php20k for 4 winners!


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