5 romantic Chinese dramas to watch this coming holiday!

Over the past few years, Chinese dramas have constantly excelled in terms of plot and entertainment.

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You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re looking for some romantic Chinese dramas of 2022! Below are the C-dramas that will captivate you, whether you’re new to watching it or an experienced fan seeking for new shows to watch.

Assistant of Superstar

Wang Yu Xi may be a stunningly attractive and massively well-liked superstar, but a big secret lurks beneath the surface – he never actually acquired a solid education. Despite You Xi’s best efforts to hide them, his lack of literacy makes him unsuitable for a crucial project interview.

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Yuchi Yao Yao, who works as a tutor for a local agency, has always wanted to be a teacher but has struggled to make that dream a reality. Yao Yao is pleased to be hired as a tutor for a celebrity, but because she has a severe anxiety of crowds, she finds it difficult to work with You Xi.

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Dine with Love

Yu Hao is a meticulous person who seeks to maximize every aspect of his life. He sponsored a culinary reality show and made an appearance alone to promote the food platform he founded. Yu Hao employs a stand-in for the show’s cookery part to maximize efficiency, which offends the crew.

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In order to handle the problem, Yu Hao then appoints Su Ke Lan as his public relations manager. Yu Hao is urged to take up cooking by Su Ke Lan, who also gradually started to win his heart.

Dream Garden

Xiao Xiao is the creator of a well-known blog that discusses relationship-related topics and considers herself an expert on romantic relationships. However, she was criticized on a well-known variety show, which she attended as a guest together with Lin Shen, a licensed psychologist.

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After being humiliated, Xiao Xiao wished she would never again have to interact with Lin Shen. But it appears that fate had other ideas.

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She then decides that in order to become a true professional, she needs to develop her talents, so she submits an application to work as a professional psychologist’s assistant. She discovers only when it is too late that the person she is working for is none other than Lin Shen.

The Oath of Love

Young cellist Lin Zhi Xiao, a junior in the university’s music department, is motivated to follow her aspirations. However, when their family discovers the cancer her father has been hiding, her entire world comes to a dead stop. Unaware that Gu Wei is the doctor overseeing her father’s care, Zhi Xiao upsets him.

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Nevertheless, both start to develop a relationship as they get to know one another. And they begin to get closer to each other over time.

Star-Crossed Lovers

Tian Jue is an avid comic book reader. Following an accidental encounter and unintentional kiss, she and the stranger develop a telepathic bond, and their lives are intertwined.

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What makes this even worse is that Bai Ye is actually an alien who has come down To earth in search of a sacred stone that would save his planet. He discovers the stone on Tian Jue but realizes that if he removes it, she will die.

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Bai Ye tries to fulfill Tian Jue’s comic fantasies up until the point at which he can figure out how to accomplish his mission. Eventually, they fall in love and learn certain realities that could challenge all they believe in.

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Happy watching, mga bes~

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