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Get your LOVE ON this 5/20 with iQiyi

Get ready as iQiyi brings you tons of kilig in the midst of summer!

You may start to wonder why May when the love month is in February? The campaign launching this May 20 or 520 sounds like the phrase wo ai ni (I love you) when pronounced in Chinese. From May to September, iQiyi will be raining down love arrows to all its subscribers with the LOVE ON campaign.


Headlining the campaign are seven C-dramas that will definitely pull on your heartstrings!


Starring THE9’s Esther Yu (Chu Li) and Ding Yuxi (Zhou Chan), Moonlight follows the story about Chu Li’s life, love, and career as she navigates a new work environment where she’s butting heads with Zhou Chan. Little did they know that they are closer to each other in real life as online friends!

Make a Wish

Boy saves cat, cat turns out to be a spirit from another planet, then cat decides to repay the favor to the boy. Follow the story of Xiao Xiu (Ge Xin Yi) as she takes her human form and lives with Chi Yan (Ren You Lun) before she goes back to Meow Planet.

Sweet Teeth

A librarian (Zeng Li) and a dentist (Ai Jing Chu) have a fateful encounter that makes them fall in love but before they can confess to each other, in comes the dentist’s first love (Yu Yi) that ensues a complicated love triangle. 
Sweet Teeth stars Betty Wu and Bi Wen Jun.

Forever and Ever

Nothing really beats a classic romance series and Forever and Ever will surely deliver. The story follows all things good, bad, and in between in the lives of and love between Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen. Starring Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, get ready to be taken on a roller coaster ride with Forever and Ever.

Love Under The Full Moon

A bizarre twist of fate during the appearance of a Super Moon tangles the fates of Lei Chuxia, Xu Xiaodong, and Wei Xuanhe. Mix that up with complications brought about by time traveling and amnesia and you have one tangled-up love story.

Starring Yukee Chen and Zheng Ye Cheng

The Day of Becoming You

The title is a dead giveaway to what’s in store for us with this love story between a popular male idol and an entertainment reporter. A fateful accident occurs that swaps Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng’s identities. And as they try to understand each other, things take a sweet turn to love alley.

First Love Again

Time travel and fateful meetings definitely scream romance. First Love Again follows the love story of Ye You Ning and  Xia Wen Si whose fateful encounter spans different timelines and space.

The show stars Patrick Shih and Amy Chen.

Access these titles here starting June 1.

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Your Asian Romance Destination

Aside from these seven upcoming Chinese romances, the streaming platform also boasts of its upcoming K-dramas like My Roommate is a Gumiho (starring Jang Kiyong and Lee Hyeri), At A Distance Spring is Green (with Park Jihoon, Kang Mina, and Lee Sin Young) and Monthly House Magazine (starring Kim Jiseok and Jung Somin).

Fans of Jang Kiyong and Lee Hyeri sure are excited for the upcoming release of this romcom this May 26.

Aside from C-dramas and K-dramas, iQiyi pulls off their Asian romance collection with the titles from Philippine TV. In partnership with GMA, shows like First Yaya, Nagbabagang Luha, and Legal Wives will be available on the streaming platform.

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