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AROMAGICARE reveals first Korean ambassador Park Eun Bin!

South Korean actress Park Eun Bin is the newest face of AROMAGICARE!

On October 10, Wide International Strategic Experts Co.(Wide International) revealed that Park Eun Bin is their first ever South Korean endorser.

According to the company’s founder and CEO Ms. April, having the talented actress as their endorser is something that they shouldn’t miss.

“Since we’re committed to create a healthy and wealthy community, we think that tapping the ever talented and cheerful actress is a good move to present our brand to people from all walks of life.” 

Park Eun Bin has been in the Korean entertainment for a long time and been casted in other dramas such as Hello My Tweenties, Do You Like Brahms?, The King’s Affection and more.

She became more popular after being casted in Netflix drama series Extraordinary Attorney Woo wherein she portrayed the role of an Attorney with Autism Spectrum touching the hearts of many by her heartfelt portrayal of her character.

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Wide International Founder and President added,

“We would really love to have the adorable Park Eun-Bin on board. Making her the face of AROMAGICARE can positively give the brand its well-deserved boost in popularity because we really want to take things to the next level this 2022!

We are lucky to have someone well-admired as her right now.”

Aromagicare Therapy Oil also known as ATO comes with four variants Classic, Strawberry, Barley Moringa Wheatgrass and Coffee.

The product can be use for external problems such as muscle pain, joint and back pains, headache, sinusitis and more.

It is also easy to use, handy and good for skin problems. Aromagicare also guaranteed as safe to use because it is already approved by FDA.

You can follow Wide International social media accounts for more information , Facebook (wideinternational) and Instagram @aromagicare_official

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