HALLYUWEEN PH 2022: Spooky stories told by concert artists

Halloween is here! And the first ever Hallyuween Concert Party in the Philippines was held at the Mall of Asia Arena last October 29, 2022. 

Eight artists are in line-up for the Halloween event. Two filipino acts: BGYO, and Drag Queens Lady Gagita, Lady Morgana and, Minty Fresh. Six South Korean acts: DJ Soda, Gaho and Kave, Kard, Pentagon, Epik High and CL.

Before the party started, the press and the media asked questions to the artists. Let us know their answers, experiences and the stories they’ve shared! 

BGYO means “Becoming the change, Going further, You and I, Originally Filipino”. A five member filipino boy group.

(L-R) JL, Nate, Gelo, Mikki, Akira 

Q: Which member gets scared easily?
All members pointed at Gelo and he explained that on normal days, he is the one being startled by the members the most. But per JL, when watching horror movies, everyone sneaks under the pillow and that all of them are easily scared.

A five member filipino boy group debuted last 2021 under ABS-CBN Star Magic.

Q: Do you have any unforgetable spooky moments to share?
This spooky story was shared by Gelo but it was spooky for Nate and JL. Akira was the one who startled Nate and JL. They were trainees when this happened. While they were in the restroom, Akira knocked on the door and ran as far as he could. He stayed committed for 2 months that it was a ghost. (all members laughed while remembering this). 😅🤣

Q: If hallyuween happens every year, will you come back?
Members answered “of course po!” and Nate said “if it was everyday, then we would go everyday po.” Awww!!! 🥺😍

Lady Gagita and Lady Morgana 
Minty fresh was not able to attend the presscon

(L-R) Lady Gagita and Lady Morgana 

Q: Who is your favorite horror Monster or Villian?
Lady Gagita said “Cruella is my spirit animal!” She believes that as a person, we shouldn’t be trying our best to always be the better person. If there are people who are really oppressing us, we have to stand up for ourself and hold our ground.

Lady Morgana said “I have two favorites, the first one inspired my Drag name, which is Morgana. She is known in Little Mermaid 2, sister of Ursula. Her character is an energetic villain. Same as me an energetic Moragana. The second villain is Maleficent who is just like me Lady Morgana after drag, I may seem ungrateful but I am kind hearted deep inside.”

Q: How does it feel to be a part of this first ever, Hallyuween 2022 with the P-pop and the K-pop groups?
Lady Gagita immediately said yes when she heard that the venue is MOA Arena. “Performing on one of the grandest venue in the Philippines is such an honor and of course performing with the international stars and with the note that we are the only Pinoy acts who will perform today together with BGYO, we feel proud and looking forward to the people who will cheer for us tonight.”

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Lady Morgana said that before it was only her dream that there will be a Drag Race Philiipines so she can join, and a dream to perform with one of the grandest venue in the Phillipines and now it came true. So many firsts in her life and said that they are so grateful. 👸🏻💖

KARD is a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media. Official debut date July 19, 2017.

(L-R) BM, Somin, Jiwoo, J.seph

Q: Any spooky memories in the studio?
J.seph shared, “Even before our debut, when we are trainees in the DSP Media, we were hearing some stories that were traditionally led down to all the trainees of our company. In our studio, of course, there are a lot of mirrors and in the mirrors you can see some handprints. But the problem is no matter how hard you try to wipe those handprints off, it won’t come off. So what they say is, those handprints are from the other side of the mirror that’s why we can’t erase those handprints.”

BM added, “CLEAR BLACK hand prints, as if someone dipped their hands in paint (and just marked it)”. People in the media room creeped out with this story! 👻

When asked which among the members gets easily scared, Jiwoo pointed at both Somin and J.seph. Somin admitted it, “I think among us, I am the one who gets scared very easily.” Then, BM tried to startle Somin “Just like that, whenever someone would just jokingly surprise me or give me a shock, I would easily get scared from those.”

Watch the clip and we really believe it’s true! 😂

When asked if there is another hallyuween show next year, will they be back? BM said “Absolutely, of course!” and to make this event a tradition!
While Somin said “I really love to comeback and having this opportunity to dress up and also interact with the fans, is a very fun and exciting idea for me.”

GAHO AND KAVE is a south korean band who are musicians and producers which consists of 5 members.

(L-R) Keninu (Drummer), Hyun (Keyboardist), Gaho (Vocalist), Ownr (Keyboardist), Jisang (Guitarist)

Q: Any spooky memories in the studio?
Gaho said that Hyun sees spirits, he pointed at him to share the story.
Hyun shared that they tend to do recordings late at night in their former studio. One day at 4 AM, when he was sleeping, he heard someone pounding the door. He tried to look for it but no one was there. Finally, when he went up holding a baseball bat, he heard someone say “Hello”. Hyun was so scared and petrified for a minute and stayed there doing nothing. He then realized after, that it was just a drunk man who was knocking at the door because he wanted to take a nap.” the whole room laughed with this story, hahaha!!

Q: If hallyuween happens every year, will you comeback for the next years Hallyuween?
Gaho said “Isn’t it natural that we will comeback?”
Gaho also mentioned that they hope in the future not just for the reason of a halloween festival but for the reason of their own tour or own individual event that they can comeback and perform again for everyone. Yey!!! I can’t wait for this! 😍

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PENTAGON is a nine member group under Cube Entertainment. Official debut date October 10, 2016.

(L-R) Wooseok, Shinwon, Kino, Jinho, Yeo One, Yuto.
Members of Pentagon not in picture: Yanan – currently in China, Pentagon Leader Hui – in community service (military service time), Hongseok – in military service (army)

Q: Has anyone seen ghost in real life?
Shinwon answered “Yes I’ve seen one!” He shared a story that there is a famous ghost in their company Cube Entertainment Building known as the “trainee ghost”. After seeing the trainee in one floor and as Shinwon moves on to the next floor, he saw the same trainee! He was so scared that time. He said to the media: “I saw it, trust me, trust me” everyone was scared but laughed when he said this.

Q: This Hallyuween, fans will dress up as their favorite halloween character. Who is your favorite halloween character?
Kino answered Harley Quinn, too bad he couldn’t find a blue powder.
Jinho said that as we can all see, he has this Harry Potter scar on his forehead, then someone from the press is dressed as Gryffindor. He was happy when he saw it and said “Oh, Griffindor! be careful with that!” (the wand) He was so cute!!!

Jinho with a Harry Potter wand.

Q: Who is your musical inspiration?
Yeoone said that it is the fans who gave them the chance to sing and they believed that Universe is their inspiration and they cannot do music without them.

DJ SODA is a Korean DJ and Singer under labels Highline and Warner Music Group.

Hwang So-hee known by her stage name DJ Soda.

Q: Any spooky memories in the studio?
One time when she was alone in the studio doing the DJ set, suddenly the music turned off even when no one was there and after the power off sound, she heared a voice of a woman. 👻🎛

Q: If hallyuween will happen next year, will you come back?
DJ Soda said “I really love the Philippines, so If ever I would be called again here, I would not hesistate to come back”.

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DJ Soda actually received a lot of calls to join halloween festivals but when she heard the word “Hallyuween”, it strucked her and that’s when she decided to go here than the other events. Yey!!! 😍

EPIK HIGH is a South Korean alternative hip hop group. Official debut date October 23, 2013.

(L-R) DJ Tukutz, Mithra Jin, Tablo

Epik High is not just epic by name! When asked about what the audience should expect from their performance, Tablo gave his epic answer “A lot of people think of Halloween and they think of scary things, I personally think that we have enough scary things in the real world.” Adding “The thing about Halloween is that it’s also a fun day.” And in the end, what they really wanted was to try to make the audience enjoy themselves and forget about all the scary things in their daily lives, even just for that night.

Having seen the Hallyuween’s artists line-up, Epik High humbly said that they are shocked and blessed to be a part of the event and Tablo jokingly said “we old!” while sharing how he felt when they were invited to be a part of the Hallyuween Concert Party.

If you failed to see Epik High’s performance during this year’s Hallyuween, you have nothing to worry about. “NO DOUBT! Even if you don’t invite us next year, we are just gonna come here and get ready.” Tablo said, excitedly.

CL is a South Korean rapper and singer-songwritter. A member of the group 2NE1 with official debut date May 6, 2009.

CL said that she haven’t been back in the Philippines for a while. She is very happy to reconnect with the fans, be on stage with her new music and performances.

CL showed up in a Cruella Halloween themed costume. It has been 10 years since she dressed up like this for halloween that is why Hallyuween 2022 was very special. CL said, excitedly!

When asked about any spooky memories in the studio, CL said “I was just in LA recording and there was a lot of lights off here and there, but it happened a lot when I was recording within 2NE1, I don’t know if that’s spooky but, its a studio thing”.

Until our next Hallyuween concert, hopefully we can make this as an annual event.

Hallyuween 2022 was presented by Pulp Live World.

Thank you so much to the eight groups which made this night a fun and memorable one! See you next year!!

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