Yook Sungjae and Lee Seunggi: Friendship goals!

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Yook Sungjae and Lee Seunggi met each other in 2017 through the variety show Master In The House/All The Butlers/Jipsabu (집사부일체), and their friendship has been such a great ride ever since. 

Sungjae mentioned that Seunggi was a role model to him from the get-go.  Both are triple threats – they are exceptional singers, great actors, and excellent variety stars.  It is not surprising that Sungjae looks up to someone who has been walking the path he is taking.  And the two have such good chemistry on screen from wacky moments to meaningful and memorable performances together. 

The Jipsabu stint of BTOB’s maknae was legendary.  Sungjae showed that he could keep up and shine together with his variety sunbaes right from the start.  He excelled in many things, and he could sing very well, together with his hyung.  More importantly, he was very witty and has such good variety show sense that he could join in on the banter very easily.  No wonder Seunggi fell for Sungjae, cherishing him as a beloved dongsaeng.  And Airens, Seunggi’s fans, followed suit.  The love of Airens for Sungjae is very heartwarming.  A Twitter search for “Seunggi Sungjae” will show many tweets of Airens appreciating him, wanting him to come back to Jipsabu, and highlighting the friendship between the two.  And the love is mutual! Melody also loves Seunggi for being such a good hyung and sunbae to Sungjae.

The two share so many unforgettable moments.  Let’s look back at some of them to celebrate their friendship.

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During the first episode of Jipsabu, the cast was asked to put stickers on the photo of the masters they want to meet the most.  Quick-witted Sungjae put a sticker on Seunggi’s cheek, implying that to him, Seunggi is a master.


Seunggi sent special boxed meals to BTOB during their comeback.

[Image from @yook_can_do_it] 

Sungjae and Changsub sang Seunggi’s song, “Love Taught Me To Drink”, on their Idol Plus show, Born To BTOB.  Watch it here (go to 12:56)


During their first shoot with their first master, they did finger flicks to decide who will sleep in the master’s bedroom.  Sungjae flicked Seunggi’s forehead, which prompted the latter to make an audible sound, while the other three laughed quietly. 

When Sungjae was a guest after his military discharge, one of the games they played was finger flicking again.  This time, they had a harmonica – whoever stays quiet will win.  On the line was the location of the shoot. If Sungjae lost, they would shoot in his house.  Seunggi accidentally hit Sungjae’s eye and everyone made a big deal out of it.  It was such a hilarious scene, which left Seunggi in tears because of the laughter.  In the end, Sungjae won.  Watch it here.


Sungjae was once asked whom he would want for his sister. The question was of course just for fun.  (Sungjae’s noona will be married this year.)  Seunggi thought he was chosen and looked so excited because his name was mentioned first.  But actually, variety star Sungjae said, “Seunggi hyung, sorry, I pick Sangyoon hyung.”  

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When the master was Park Jisung, the cast was asked to team up in pairs and do a commentary on a football clip.  Sungjae and Seunggi’s commentating was so chaotic that their master was in stitches.  It was hilarious!  Watch it here:

One of the most legendary scenes of the two together was when they sang “Let It Go” and when they acted out “A Whole New World” for the daughter of Lee Youngae.  Watch it here:

During their last shoot together, they tried to guess each other’s songs, and again, hilarity ensued thanks to Yang Sehyung’s teasing.  Watch it here:


Sungjae and Seunggi had a very quick impromptu duet during the Trot episode with master Jang Yoonjeong, but it prompted fans to beg for a full, official duet from the two.

The whole Jipsabu cast sang Last Christmas and Arirang under master Jung Jaehyung, but the spotlights were on both Sungjae and Seunggi.  Watch it here: (6:29 onwards – Last Christmas, 12:48 onwards – Arirang)


Before Jipsabu started to air, Sungjae said “I wish we work together long enough for him to listen to my worries.  It’s my confession.”  We can confidently say this has already come true.  Fans of both are delighted to know that their friendship is still going strong even beyond the show. 

When Sungjae joined Jipsabu as a guest after he was discharged from the military,  Seunggi shared that Sungjae called him many times. They often engage with each others’ Instagram posts with likes and comments.  And the most epic of all – the coffee truck exchanges!

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During Vagabond’s shoot, Sungjae sent a coffee truck and Seunggi was so cute in copying his dongsaeng’s signature “6 Cash” pose.

[Image from @leeseunggi.official]

Last May, Seunggi sent a coffee truck to the set of Sungjae’s drama, Golden Spoon.  It had a heartwarming message, but a hilarious cup sticker. 

[Image from @coffee_pong]

Just very recently, Sungjae sent a food truck to the set of The Law Cafe.  Fans were expecting revenge and seeing a hilarious photo, but he chose a really cute one of Seunggi as a student. Seunggi’s captions were very heartwarming, and he also promoted Sungjae’s drama, Golden Spoon.  This latest update is what prompted this article.

Golden Spoon will premiere on MBC tomorrow, September 23. It will be available on Disney+ in selected countries.  

Golden Spoon is about a student from a poor family, who fatefully was given a chance to swap fates with a friend from a very wealthy family.  It is based on a webtoon with the same name. 

The highly anticipated drama is headed by PD Song Hyun Wook (The King’s Affection, Another Miss Oh), and written by Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung (Ghost Doctor, Winter Sonata).  Aside from Sungjae, the cast includes Jung Chaeyeon, Lee Jongwon, and Yeonwoo.

[Image from MBC]

Seunggi’s drama, The Law Cafe, is currently airing on KBS.  It is available on Viu.

Here are other fan-made compilations of Sungjae and Seunggi together.

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