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Why Hwang In Youp receives so much love from PH HIYLIYs?

Hwang In Youp is one of the most charismatic and talented rising South Korean actors in this generation but did it ever cross your mind why Hwang In Youp receives so much love from his PH fans?

Let’s find it out!

1. An Epitome of Charisma

He started his career in modeling before his debut as an actor. We really can’t deny the fact that Hwang In Youp radiates icy yet warm charms, he is someone whom you can’t take your eyes off and unquestionably excels very well in the modeling industry. He is a fashion icon whom you can look up to.

2. A Versatile Actor

He already proved his versatility as an actor when he played various roles in multiple great dramas such as The Tale of Nokdu, 18 Again, True Beauty, The Sound of Magic, and his recent drama, Why Her.

Many fans got swooned by his great acting skill in the webtoon-based drama, True Beauty in which he played the second male lead role named Han Sojun, the character who led him into stardom. Oh well, no one can resist his charm here.

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It is proven that Hwang In Youp can pull off every role that has been entrusted to him and in his next projects for sure!

3. Talented Singer

Aside from being a great actor, Fans love Hwang In Youp for being a great singer as well. He has a very sweet voice that has the power to calm your well-being. Yes, it does! (Proven and tested haha)

He first showed off his talent in singing in 18 Again wherein he sang the song, My Heart is Beating.

It Starts Today and I Mean It are very good songs of his, you must listen to them if you haven’t yet. It is worth listening to mga bes

4. Philippines is Close to his Heart

Hwang In Youp loves the Philippines, the country that he has been in during the most important time in his life (when he was studying in Davao). According to him, Filipinos have always been the kindest people to him.

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And that is why Hwang In Youp will be visiting the Philippines again to meet his Filipino fans on September 24, 6 PM at New Frontier Theater.

The said gan meeting is brought to us by Applewood and Ovation Productions.

Tickets are still available on Ticketnet. Grab yours now!

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