Golden Child’s Silse Maknae (Big Shot Maknae): Choi Bomin

Golden Child’s Bomin, one of the most adored young artists of this generation, is a powerhouse who inspires as much as he amuses.

His distinctive features are big eyes and a sweet and soft smile. Bomin’s stunning face is so astonishing that it’s no wonder he managed to win over so many hearts!

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

As the youngest member of South Korea’s boy band Golden Child, Choi Bomin, has a lot of potential for the entertainment industry and is always improving in different fields.

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

Aside from being the group’s lead dancer, vocalist, and face of the group, he is also, a rapper, model, actor, variety entertainer, and an excellent host.

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

Bomin is also a king of fan service. When some fans met him randomly, he’ll do a free fan sign event complete with giving the best fan service ever! Another well-known fact among Goldenness is that Bomin enjoys making his fans feel at ease with him, which speaks highly of his affable nature.

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Choi Bomin is really alluring. He has a tendency to cry easily, especially when his heart is filled with emotion.

He also has a strong sense of sentiment and is not afraid to express it. He also cares more about his fans and his hyungs than about himself.

Even though he enjoys teasing his hyungs in a lighthearted manner, he is happiest when he is with them and he receives the utmost care and attention from the other members.

Screenshot from drama “18 Again”

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