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LOOK: Song Kang is elated to visit the Philippines very soon!

We may be seeing the Korean actor, Song Kang closely very soon!

Song Kang is highly recognized for his characters in the series “Love Alarm”, “Sweet Home”, Navillera”, “Nevertheless”, and the recent drama “Forecasting Love and Weather.”

Without a doubt, everyone does love the idea of meeting Song Kang in flesh!

In the latest post of the international clothing brand, Penshoppe, the Korean actor and ambassador Song Kang was highlighted for a random question and answer in which he directly responded to some personal and trivial questions.

He was asked about his ideal superpowers, the first thing he does in the morning and if he believes that aliens do exist, and more!

Watch the full video here:

But what makes it more exciting is when he was asked about his dream vacation destination! Without any doubt, he mentioned the Philippines!

Screenshot via: Penshoppe

Before the short video ended, Song Kang left this message to all of his fans,

I wanted to meet everyone as we get the chance.”

Screenshot via: Penshoppe

Let’s start iponing mga bes! As we have the possibility to meet Song Kang face to face and finally tell him “Annyeong, Oppa!”

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Tell us what you feel about this bes!

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