Why Epik High in Manila Show is One You Wouldn’t Want to Miss!

For almost two decades on the Korean music scene, Epik High has captured the ears of the general public with their variety of music that speaks to the soul.

Experiencing a pandemic is definitely not easy. Luckily some people coped through Hallyu Wave, with its amazing visuals and performances polished to perfection. We can all admit that K-Pop and the K-hip-hop industry have been on the scene since the early 2000s. Their prominence today has sealed their impact on the music industry.

Epik High in Manila
L-R: DJ Tukutz, Tablo, and Mithra Jin
Photo courtesy of MakeItLive

One of the K-Hip hop frontrunners, Epik High, is coming back to Manila this November. It’s a perfect opportunity for fans to never skip this concert. The group debuted in 2003, consisting of three members: Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. The trio had their own fair share of achievements, and one of them was being the first Korean act to perform and be reinvited to Coachella. 

Their hits are a refreshing addition to your playlist.

When people hear Korean music or K-POP, most people assume that groups in this genre are wearing synchronized outfits and choreography and dancing to upbeat tracks. Epik High’s music is so easy to listen to. The group has released over a hundred songs, we’re pretty sure one of their hits might have resonated with you. Each song that they’ve released sends a message to each walk of life, and yep, they even have a lullaby for a cat.

They’ve collaborated with a lot of fellow artists.

As a K-music fan, it’s pretty nice hearing about special collaborations between two artists. For fans, it’s a bonus too if they get two witness their favorites to feature in their respective songs. This is indeed proven by Epik High. The hip-hop trio has collaborated with a lot of Korean musicians from underground rappers, to soloists, and idols. And if they collaborate with one another, they make sure they shine together.

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Take for example their hit Born Maker.

True enough, the group has managed to stay on the scene for their impressive performances. If you ask a high skool why you should see one of their shows, they’ll definitely answer their live performance hits differently. Each show they produce, every attendee will definitely have a good time. As their catchphrase says, My High is Epik, it will definitely be a night to remember.

Photo courtesy of MakeItLive

Experience an epik night for Epik High’s solo concert happening at the New Frontier Theater this November 30. This concert is presented and promoted by Make It Live Asia and CK Star Entertainment Singapore. Tickets are available through Ticketnet.

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