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Ong Seongwu’s 2nd Fan Meeting ‘Re: Meet’ Experience!

Ong Seongwu held his second fan meeting on March 12, 2022 with the event title ‘Re:Meet’ after two years since his first fan meeting back in 2020.

Image Source: Fantagio (@fantagiogroup)

The fan meeting has 2 parts and was held both offline and online! Offline fan meeting was held at Seoul KBS Arena, while the online version was aired in hellolive!

Image Source: Fantagio (@fantagiogroup)

To start the fan meeting, Seongwu sang and happily greeted WELO who waited for two years to meet him again. He wants to send an inspiring message and thankfulness towards WELOs to convey his true heart, and he just did!

Image Source: Ong Seongwu Official Twitter

The first part of the event is the game called ‘Guess Who You Are,’ wherein Seongwu need to guess the line of his character in the drama he starred.

Following the ‘Onglimpcik: Meet the Various Me,’ where he need to choose what he prefer between two different pictures.

Did you know, Seongwu said that he prefer to wear suit as he feels good when he wears it!

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After two segment, VCR was shown where he make a coffee, but in ASMR version!

Image Source: Fantagio (@fantagiogroup)

And the most exciting part is during the ‘WELO Cafe,’ that consist of 5 mission that he need to accomplish.

The first mission is ‘Q&A Time’ where he needs to pick a random question and answer them honestly.

Second mission is ‘Moment Memorization.’ he need to memorize the coffee order and answer the following question to succeed the mission.

Next is ‘Random Dance’ wherein he dance to David Guetta’s ‘Hey Mama’, 2PM’s ‘My House,’ Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin,’ Oh My Girl’s ‘Nonstop,’ and many more.

The next mission is ‘Mystery Box,’ which he need guess what’s inside the box.

And the last mission is ‘Mission Ongpossible’ wherein he easily succeed!

During the fan meeting, he performed ‘Why Didn’t I Know,’ ‘Cafe,’ ‘BYE BYE,’ and ‘GRAVITY.’

But the fan meeting won’t end without a touching message from Seongwu!

Image Source: Fantagio (@fantagiogroup)

“For fan meetings, all the thoughts, worries, and fears that I had are exploding.” – Ong Seungwu

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And before leaving the stage, he took a commemorative photo with WELO that he wants to remember for a long time.

Image Source: Fantagio (@fantagiogroup)

“I really like the moment when I meet WELO again. I hope we can meet again soon.” – Ong Seungwu

Image Source: Ong Seongwu Official Twitter

Did you have fun during the fan meeting? Share your experience to us in the comments below!

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