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JYP’s monster rookie NMIXX selected as Spotify’s RADAR KOREA artist

As Spotify supports emerging artists through RADAR, JYP's NMIXX has been selected as the first RADAR KOREA artist of the year.

Spotify announced that JYP Entertainment’s latest group NMIXX has been selected as the first RADAR KOREA artist of the year.

RADAR is Spotify’s global program to support emerging artists, helping rising talents to be discovered by listeners around the globe.

Spotify’s RADAR KOREA cover featuring NMIXX. PHOTO | Spotify

JYP’s monster rookie

NMIXX is the newest group of JYP Entertainment consisting of seven members – LILY, HAEWON, SULLYOON, JINNI, BAE, JIWOO, and KYUJIN.

NMIXX drop fierce music video for debut single 'O.O'
PHOTO | JYP Entertainment

The first RADAR KOREA artist of the year officially debuted on February 22 by releasing their single “AD MARE” and its lead track “O.O.” 

NMIXX gets an opportunity to provide exclusive content with Spotify for their fans.

For example, in early February, NMIXX had already unveiled audio liners exclusively on Spotify.

Similarly, they will also get an opportunity to create ‘Spotify Singles’, allowing them to re-record their songs in a new way.

PHOTO | Weekly Idol/Twitter

NMIXX leader HAEWON shared that as they have prepared for a long time, the group is very excited to share their music with more listeners and fans around the world through Spotify’s RADAR program.

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“We hope to grow into a global K-pop group with Spotify’s support,” she added.

RADAR for emerging artists

Spotify supports emerging and talented artists like NMIXX through RADAR.

It provides them with human & financial resources, editorial support, and both online and offline marketing promotions in the long run.

In addition, RADAR has introduced many Korean artists in the past such as  Gaho, AleXa,  ASH ISLAND, Weeekly, SECRET NUMBER, and TREASURE.

Listen to RADAR Korea playlist, only on Spotify!

Source: Spotify Korea PR

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