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ICYMI: BTS & Na PD teams up for 15 Nights on a Business Trip RUN BTS Special airing this May 4th

BTS and Na PD teams up for 15 Nights on a Business Trip RUN BTS Special!

It’s been years since we have seen the boys of BTS join korean variety programs. For years, they have been on RUN BTS, an in house variety show of Bighit Entertainment.

It’s been around since 2015 and has 139 episodes as of writing which you can watch on their VLive page.

Now, if you’re a big fan of shows produced by the persistent and competitive Na PD, you would know that the cast of variety shows he’s in suffers from losing games and ending up hungry or doing various tasks. Surely he will be relentless with BTS too, just take a look at the chaos ensuing on the first teaser:

One thing we can look forward to in this collaboration would be BTS’ drive to challenge the games and tasks prepared by the production team. And also some trip down the memory lane on the journey of BTS, watch the second teaser here:

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The collaboration has 4 episodes scheduled. The first episode that will come out on May 4 will be uploaded on Weverse and BTS VLive page. The remaining episodes will air on May 7 on TVN and the official YT channel of the show.

Watch this version of DDAENG by the BTS rap line featuring PD Na Young Seok!

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