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Happy Peniel Day! You fly like you rocking 30, uh!

Shin Dong Geun, better known as Peniel, was born in Chicago on the 10th of March 1993. He eventually moved to South Korea to pursue music. He is a lead rapper for the K-Pop group BTOB. For many Melody, he is a genuinely kind and considerate person, but Peniel becomes another person towards music and performing. 

Famous for delivering catchy rap verses, Peniel is able to fuse the Korean and English languages in his lyrics. 

Let’s check out some of his songs!

That Girl (2017)

That Girl was Peniel’s first digital single as part of the Piece of BTOB project in 2017. This song introduced Peniel’s personal color in music, showcasing his American Hip-Hop vibe. It is a perfect song to jam with friends while having that summer feel at the beach. Not only will this song give you LSS, but we also get dancing and singing Peniel! What more can you ask for?

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B.O.D (2019)

A year after BTOB sent their first member to the military, the remaining members had enough time for their individual activities. As for Peniel, he released his second solo song, B.O.D. He had creative control over the song, making him go all out on the verses. No doubt that it will definitely make anyone want to party–not to mention the song’s choreography. Yaaa! Yeokshi uri main dancer!

Fly23 (2019)

On a more upbeat and exciting note, Fly23 radiates a refreshing sound accompanied by dance trends back in 2019. Similar to the song, the music video plays a fun twist on virtual and real life. Definitely an energy booster!

Flip (2019)

A collaboration with Beenzino, Flip undeniably brings out the most confidence from Peniel. This song talks about not caring about what other people think–a simple yet strong message. To put the cherry on top, Peniel’s attitude and style throughout the single add badass energy.

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Hypnotized (2020)

The PenJae collab we never knew we needed! Hypnotized was officially released in 2020 as part of Yook Sung Jae’s Yook O’Clock album. Both artists brought out their sexy side as they expressed the emotion of being hypnotized by someone’s love. Peniel and Sung Jae did not disappoint with this song regardless of their different styles. The mix of their voices was able to produce a soulful song.

Valentine (2021)

Friends-to-lovers trope? As the love month recently ended, it is not too late for Peniel’s Valentine. It would be the perfect song any time and any place for people slowly moving out of the friendzone. With the combination of Peniel​’s singing and rapping, the song gives us chill yet romantic vibes.

After a four-year hiatus due to military service, it has been a while since BTOB’s last comeback. However, on February 21, 2022, the group recently dropped their 3rd full-length album, Be Together. As for Peniel, he took part in writing lyrics for the songs in the album. Being in the industry for ten years, we can look forward to what Peniel has in store for us as he continues to improve in his musicality and confidence, which is very much appreciated by his fans. 

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To make Peniel’s 30th birthday extra special, join BTOB Philippines’ Twitter Space for a post-virtual celebration on March 12 at 8 PM. Let us gather with Melody as we share stories, create memories, and reminisce on the journey of our beloved Peniel. 

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