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Things you need to know about Drippin’s main rapper: Kim Dongyun

As Drippin’s popularity and attention from Kpop fans grow, let’s learn more about Kim Dongyun and why so many people are smitten by his sweet and innocent looks!

Image Source: Drippin’s Official Twitter Account (@Drippin)

Early career

Woollim Entertainment’s Kim Dongyun is a South Korean rapper and vocalist.

In 2019, Dongyun took part in Mnet’s reality show Produce X 101. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the 11th episode when he was ranked 23rd.

Image Source: Mnet

W PROJECT announced that they would return with their fourth installation last August 14, 2019. On August 23, Dongyun was introduced as a project member and participant.

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

And on September 2, they released the collaboration single ‘1M1S.’

Pre-debut reality show

Prior to their debut, the group starred in a pre-debut reality show titled ‘WE ARE DRIPPIN!’ which was aired on Woollim Entertainment Youtube Channel.

Debut with DRIPPIN

Woollim Entertainment announced that they would be debuting a new boy group on September 4, 2020. Later that day, it was confirmed that Dongyun would be one of the seven members of the boy group DRIPPIN who would make their debut.

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Image Source: Woollim Entertainment

DRIPPIN made their official debut on October 28, 2020, with the release of the mini-album ‘Boyager’ with ‘Nostalgia’ serving as the album’s title track.

Fun facts

Dongyun is one of Drippin’s visual representatives. According to the members, many fans have stated that he looks like a puppy, which is why he was given the moniker ‘Puppy.’ His other nicknames are ‘Bolt’ and ‘Maenggu.’

Latest comeback

On their most recent comeback, they made a loud noise that drew everyone’s attention. It’s because the sudden hacking of Woollim artists’ social media accounts drew the attention of the fans.

Image Source: Woollim Entertainment Artists’ Twitter Account

Woollim released a new comeback teaser film for Dongyun, proving that Dongyun was the hacker, shortly after the abrupt ‘hacking’ of various Woollim Entertainment artists’ accounts.

Dongyun was seen in the footage standing in front of an office building. The screen behind him and the phones of everyone standing around him instantly turned off.

DRIPPIN staged an online showcase for the release of their third mini-album, “Villain,” last January 17. ‘Villain,’ the album’s title tune, features a funky electric bassline and minimal percussion. The song reflects a great desire to achieve a goal.

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