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GOT7 Jay B’s new Def. EP ‘Love’ surpasses 50 #1’s on iTunes chart!

Jay B is back again with a brand new album under his pen name Def!

Def, also known as Jay B or Lim Jaebeom from the South Korean boy group Got7, dropped a new EP on January 26, 2022 at 6pm KST. It’s called ‘Love‘ consists of 5 self-written songs, with ‘Sunset With You‘ as the title track.

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In a span of 24 hours, his EP achieved so much already. It hit #1 spot in over 50 countries on iTunes. ‘Love‘ debuted #1 on both Worldwide and European iTunes album chart, while #4 in the US iTunes album chart.

His title track ‘Sunset With You‘ reached #1 on iTunes in 30 countries, debuted #5 on Worldwide and #8 on European iTunes Song chart. It even peaked  #1 on Genie.

Listening to the album will give you so much comfort and healing. It’s something that can make you feel calm and relax. The songs felt like a warm and tight hug after a very long, tiring, and exhausting day. Def conveyed so much emotion through his music, lyrics, and honey-like voice.

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You may check out his latest album on this link.

He also released official music video for ‘Sunset With You‘. You may listen and watch it on this link.

Why Def?

Initially, it is called ‘DEF SOUL’. Jay B is a big fan of ‘Musiq Soulchild.‘ He got the word Def while watching their music video for ‘Just Friends‘ and he saw the word Def Jam on the last scene. Out of his curiosity, he looked up the meaning and found out that it meant ‘cool music‘. Def Soul is also the name that he used when he is still b-boying. It also became his pen name for music distribution and later on, it was shortened to Def.

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Prior to his official debut as Def, some of his compositions were on on his SoundCloud account. He was able to release 5 mixtapes there, wherein fans can listen freely to his tracks. 

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On his previous interview with Mustang 88 FM, he’s asked on what are the difference between Jay B and Def. In the music point of view, there is a bit difference on him making songs. He said that with Jay B, there is a little ambition like wishing people will love his songs. But with Def, there is a freedom on doing whatever music that he want to make.

Whether it’s Jay B, Def, or Lim Jaebeom, he never fails to make his fans proud. Congratulations on your new achievements and we are looking forward on your future projects! 

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