After a few months of waiting, Yoo Jiae was excited to meet again her fans & linus from all over the world online! To start the year 2022 she held her first global fan meeting named 2022 Winter Fanmeeting – Yoo Jiae 30’s Story last Saturday, January 22.

The online fan meeting was happened and aired in hellolive and organized by PGNpictures.

Image Source: hellolive

The main parts of the fan meeting are the interview, game segments, and the surprise guest!

Jiae started her event by singing ‘Loveable’ by Kim Jongkook. After her performance, the MC was introduced and it was none other than, Jung Yein!

The first segment was Rewritten Self-Introduction, wherein Jiae will comment on her profile, with Yein verifying the info. Right after this, they started calling the ticket/seating numbers of lucky fans who will have a signed poster.

The second segment is MBTI Bingo, wherein they check their personality and compatibility.

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In the middle of the fan meeting, Jiae and Yein gifted the fans with their voices like an angel by singing ‘Traffic Light’ by Lee Mujin.

And the most exciting part, Jiae announced her fandom name and it is Carney, which from ‘Cannes’ film festival.

After the VCR, the most awaited guest was introduced and it was Ryu Sujeong. The three of them are members of Lovelyz and created a bond of a family. They were chatting and teasing each other before Jiae and Yein left Sujeong on the stage.

Sujeong bid her goodbye after singing ‘Ohayo My Night’ by D-hack & Pateko.

And the last segment was Do Everything Yoo Jiae, wherein Jiae needs to do what was written on the note by her fans (Carney).

Before the fan meeting ended, Jiae and Yein have photo time and give two signed hoodies to 2 lucky Carney! For the finale, Jiae sings ‘I Give You My Heart’ by IU with such emotions and feels.

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And for all Linus & Carney, Jiae said, “I wasn’t alone, but Lovelyz as a whole.”

Check out these sweet messages from Carney!

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