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INFINITE’s Lee Sungjong leaves Woollim Entertainment

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Another member of the South Korean boy group INFINITE had parted ways with its debut agency Woollim Entertainment and started to take on a challenge.

INFINITE’s Lee Sungjong, the group’s maknae, announced on January 24 through his social media accounts, his departure to Woollim Entertainment.

He posted a handwritten letter thanking the fans and the agency. Read the letter below:

Hello. I’m INFINITE’s Lee Sung Jong.

I am leaving Woollim Entertainment, which I’ve been with for a long time and now I’m taking on a new challenge.

Thank you to CEO Lee Jung Yeop and Woollim Entertainment for 12 years since I was a trainee until now. Thank you for laughing with me when I was happy, sad, and for always being by my side during difficult times. You have always protected us. I won’t forget how thankful I am.

INSPIRIT, who always gives INFINITE love, and our members, thank you and I love you. I will always be by your side. From now on, as a member of INFINITE, Lee Sungjong will return the love of the fans through various activities.

Thank you.

Lee Sungjong debuted in INFINITE in 2010 and has been active in various fields such as in the music, entertainment, and acting industries.

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He along with the other members except Myungsoo who is currently in the Marine, appeared and performed at Woohyun’s fan meeting on January 22, this is their first group performance after their military hiatus.

Now, Nam Woohyun is the only member who remains in Woollim Entertainment and after the other members’ departure, each of them never failed in making sure that they are still part of INFINITE and will come back soon.

We are always here to support you, uri maknae Jongie!

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