LOOK: The Real Creator of Choi Ung’s Works in “Our Beloved Summer”

Our Beloved Summer has been making strong impressions proving a captivating love and hate relationship between Choi Ung played by Choi Woo Sik and Kook Yoon Seo portrait by Kim Dami. The story follows the story of two ex high school lovers who met 10 years after their break up. The catalyst of their meetup is Go Oh’s unique drawings of buildings.

Choi Woong's Studio in 'Our Beloved Summer' Is Actually a Cafe
Photo Credit: Netflix

But did you know the artist behind these emotionally conveying artworks? It is none other than the French Illustrator Thibaud Herem.

He is a French illustrator based in London. After completion of a graphic design degree he established himself as a freelance illustrator. Following the success of his first book Know Your Rodent he began to develop further his love of illustrating buildings. Working with pencil and Indian inks his work has continued to evolve. Today he has defined a distinct signature style and specialises in creating architectural drawings with an incredible level of hand drawn detail.

Cited from his website: http://thibaudherem.com/

In addition, in 2020, BTS’ RM commissioned him to do this wonderful piece. .

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Bangtan Scholars⁷ on Twitter: "RM recently commissioned artist Thibaud Herem  to draw one of his trees. More specifically, a cherry tree in blossom. If  you would like to know more about the

You can check also check his instagram and website to look at his other amazing works.

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