YoonA and Kim Seon Ho confirmed to star in the upcoming film “2 O’Clock Date”!

Girls’ Generation YoonA is confirmed to star alongside Kim Seon Ho in a new romantic comedy film.

“2 O’Clock Date” is a romantic comedy about neighbors. It presents a woman with a major secret who lives downstairs and a man who lives upstairs.

The lovely film tells the story of what occurs when two neighbors wind up interacting every day.

YoonA, who’s recognized for her acting skills through ‘Confidential Assignment, ‘Exit’, and ‘The Miracle’, plays the woman downstairs who has a secret. 

YoonA will be working with director Lee Sang Geun for the second time, following the 2019 release of ‘Exit,’ which drew 9.42 million viewers.

Kim Seon Ho will portray the man upstairs and he will have a romantic relationship with YoonA’s character.

In addition, Kim Seon-ho is believed to have reviewed the script and immediately voiced his desire to appear.

Kim Seon Ho is currently starring in “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” together with Shin Min Ah. He rose to fame as he starred in the hit drama “Start-Up“.

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YoonA and Kim Seon Ho first met as co-MCs of the “2020 MBC Music Festival”.

Lee Sang Geun, who previously directed YoonA’s blockbuster film “EXIT,” will direct “2 O’Clock Date.”

Filming is expected to begin in March 2022.

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