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ICYMI: IU sends coffee truck support to child actress, Kim Min Seo in her filming set of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”

Here’s another fangirl goal content mga bes!

On September 9, IU sent a coffee truck to show her support to child actress Kim Min Seo in her filming set of Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

Kim Min Seo cheerfully flexed it on her Instagram account which manages by her mother with a caption,

“IU sent me her first coffee truck as a surprise!👍👍👍
What’s going on?
They didn’t forget about the short relationship. They took care of me.
Minseo wiped away tears of emotion by herself.~^^
I want to say thank you to IU for giving Minseo an unforgettable happiness!
Minseo vowed to become a better person like IU. Yes!
Thoughtful IU ♡♡♡ You’re really at another level!
Minseo ♡ fly high~”

Horizontal signage reads as,

“Minseos’s fan, IU is rooting for Minseo”

while the vertical signage reads as,

“Minseo ya, fly high”

IU designed the cup sleeve with the sweet message : “Minseo is seriously perfect”

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Kim Min Seo revealed through ODG that her favorite celebrity is IU, she proved that she is really a great actress when she did a great job pretending as if she doesn’t recognize her favorite celebrity, IU who appeared in front of her. Minseo imitated IU’s acting in My Mister and even IU was so amazed with her great acting skill.

IU is so sweet and very thoughtful, sana all talaga Minseo!

Moreover, Kim Min Seo portrays the role of Oh Ju Ri, the daughter of Oh Cheon Jae who owns a live café and pub in Gongjin and a former singer.

Meanwhile, Hometown Cha Cha Cha starring Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah is currently streaming on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday, 9 PM, KST.

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