Get to know the Eight Dance Crews competing in Street Woman Fighter

Street Woman Fighter is freestyling it’s way to the viewer’s rhythm. Read more and get to know the eight top-tier dance crews fighting for dance supremacy.

MNET’s first-ever female dance crew survival show, Street Woman Fighter joins together the best girl dance crews that represent South Korea.

Well-known in both underground scene and K-dance world, YGX, WANT, Holybang, PROWDMON, WayB, LaChica, CocaNButter, and Hook will all be competing to take the number 1 spot.

These teams are expected to demonstrate various dance genres from hip-hop, club, waacking, to jazz, breakdancing, and more.


Also known as the K-dance avengers. This crew banners their leader, Hyojin Choi who is a star choreographer from 1MILLION.

In addition, WANT also includes viral body roller Emma, aespa choreographer Rozalin, and former IZ*ONE main dancer, Lee Chae Yeon.

Recently, the group collaborated with CL in her newest single, “Spicy”.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


You may know them as a a group with trendy and enjoyable TikTok dances.

Likewise, Aiki and her team truly emanates young and fresh vibes.

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They have worked with Refund Sisters and fearless rapper, Jessie.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


Young and stylish hip-hop crew WAYB is led by the visual dancer, No:ze.

Noze became famous as “the pretty backup dancer of Kai” in Mmmh.

In fact, her viral video reached millions of views and her IG followers skyrocketed to a million as well.

In case you didn’t know, WayB stands for “We Are Young Best.”

WayB performed with SHINee‘s “Don’t Call Me” and Taemin‘s “Advice.”

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


One of the top in girl’s hip-hop department. Holybang is led by senior choreographer, Honey J.

The crew did a lot of dance projects with Jay Park who’s Honey J’s long-time friend and business partner.

Honey J is in charge of the choreography for all AOMG artists. She also worked with Hyolyn’s “Paradise”, and Jessi’s “Down“.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


Fierce senior group CocaNButter has a proven track record for the past 10 years. They are one of the legendary crews recognized and respected in the dancing scene.

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In fact, CocaNButter’s leader Rihey is known to have the most solid skills in girl’s hip-hop. Her aura is overwhelming that it oftentimes intimidates her co-dancers.

A little trivia. This group was formerly known as “Purplow”, but they disbanded when Honey J and Rihey fell apart.

Will these two heat up the competition even more? We’d love to see a reunion battle.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


Trendy new generation dance crew known for their swag and cool aura.

Did you know? YGX comprises of three main dance crews: Hitech, Crazy and NWX.

YGX-NWX unit is the one competing in the show. All of its five members are choreographers and dance teachers.

The group includes Olympic winner, B-girl Yell and famous K-pop choreographer, Lee Jung Lee.

Lee Jung personally choreographs most of TWICE and ITZY’s hit songs. She also works with Somi, (G)-IDLE, Sunmi, and of course, all other YG groups such as iKON and BLACKPINK.

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Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


Sassy and sexy dance crew LaChica brings the energy up as a hit choreography making crew.

They are known to work with majority of Chung Ha’s releases such as Snappin’, and Gotta Go.

Indeed hailed as performance queens, LaChica gets many calls from solo stars for dance support.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter


The dancers of all the dancers. Prowdmon has been active in the industry for almost 20 years.

In fact, their veteran members participated in more than 100 dance battles already.

The crew’s center, Monika is big in the street dance scene and an influential figure to many. She is a dance professor and a respected dancer.

In addition to Prowdmon’s stellar crew is waacking legend, LipJ.

Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter

Street Woman Fighter is hosted by Kang Daniel with judges including BoA and NCT Lee Taeyong.

Catch new episodes of this fierce and brutal dance battle every Tuesday at 10:20 PM KST on Mnet.

Who’s your pick? Let us know who deserves to be South Korea’s number 1 dance crew in the comments below.

Street Woman Fighter Crews
Credits: MNET Street Woman Fighter

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