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Hwang In Yeop in talks to star in upcoming SBS’ romantic drama with Seo Hyun Jin

Second lead no more for Hwang In Yeop? We may be seeing him in another drama alongside Seo Hyun Jin!

According to KeyEast Entertainment on May 24, Hwang In Yeop has received an offer to play the lead role in the upcoming Romantic drama titled Why Oh Soo Jae? and he’s currently reviewing it.

He was offered to play the role of Gong Chan a freshman at Seojoong University’s Law School and the owner of a pub in the story.

The drama describes as a painful but exciting heartwarming love story of Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan.

The story takes place when Oh Soo Jae met Gong Chan who was falsely accused of a crime which he didn’t commit.

After he cleared his name, he crosses his path again with Oh Soo Jae at the law school when she is known as a bad-tempered and mean professor.

It was on December 10, last year when actress Seo Hyun Jin has been confirmed to star in the said upcoming SBS drama.

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Moreover, Hwang In Yeop is remarkable for his roles in the dramas The Tale of Nokdu, 18 Again, and True Beauty.

He will also star in the upcoming Netflix original series The Sound Magic along with Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun.

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