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7 Reasons why Ji Chang Wook is so loved by many

Ji Chang Wook is one of the most famous and admired South Korean actors. He is undeniably charming and stunning in any angles. Moreover, he is also well-known for being a versatile actor with great acting skills.

Have you ever watched his Korean dramas and movies? If you’ve already seen him in his several shows, you wouldn’t get surprised why many idolize him.

As time passes by, the number of Ji Chang Wook’s fans incredibly grows as well. Even if he took a break for more than a year as he fulfilled his duties in military; his fans worldwide have patiently waited for him.

That’s the power of Ji Chang Wook and his fans! Whether you’re curious about the reasons why is that so or you just want to get to know him more; why not read the seven reasons below why Ji Chang Wook is so loved by many?

Here it goes, mga bes!

1. He is extremely good in mystery and thriller shows

Personally, I never get used to seeing him in fighting scenes. Whenever I watch that kind of part, I always get amazed by him and his actions stunts.

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It seems like he glows so much when he fights the culprits. With that, it adds up to the fact why his K-dramas are all exciting and must watch.

2. Versatile actor

As mentioned, Ji Chang Wook is well-known for being a versatile actor. Whether the show is in the genre of action, mystery, thriller, drama, historical, romantic, or others; he can still pulled it off and show us his best.

He is so precious in many ways and means!

3. Finished his military service with award

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As stated, Ji Chang Wook had already finished his military service. Additionally, he received an award for his high performance. He got discharged last April 27, 2019.

Fans were so happy upon welcoming him back. It has been more than a year of waiting and everyone is excited with his on-screen comeback!

Are you one of us?

4. He is good even in musical theatre

Video from Ji Chang Wook HK

Did you know that Ji Chang Wook began his career in musical theatre? Then, he made his on-screen debut in 2006 with the film titled Days. Meanwhile, his first appearance in a K-drama taking the minor role was with You Stole My Heart.

Moreover, his musical plays are impressive and so his performances. He even had been part of the military musical Shinheung Military Academy.

5. His voice is soothing to the ears

Ji Chang Wook’s vocal is no joke! Aside from the fact the he is an exceptional actor, he is also good in singing. Believe it or not, his voice is seriously soothing to the ears. Have you ever heard him sing already? It’s totally lovely!

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Video from Ji Chang Wook VN

6. He loves his mother so much

Ji Chang Wook never fails in showing how much he loves his mother. It feels so great seeing him being so in love with his mom.

7. Truly a warm person

Video from supershinstudio

Ji Chang Wook is truly a warm person to everyone. He treats his fans, friends, family, and others so well.

With his fame and achievements in life, he never forgets to be the same person whom we’ve known before. As for me, I always think that I am stanning the right person; he who is grateful, kind, generous, and thoughtful.

Overall, there are still more reasons why many love Ji Chang Wook so much. With his good attitude, charisma, and talents; it is not surprising already to see the huge number of his fans worldwide. How about you, why do you love and/or idolize him?

Meanwhile, Mr. Ben Chan of Bench has recently posted a photo of him with Ji Chang Wook’s mural in Seoul, South Korea. Various Filipino fans are guessing that he might be the next global Bench setter! What are your thoughts about this, bes?

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  1. I just started watching Suspicious Partner last week. Before that i have never watched any of his dramas and i always wondered why he is popular. Watching him after only a few episodes i could already understand why. I am starting to get mesmerized by his gaze. haha!

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