WATCH: Netflix’s Seoul Vibe main trailer is out now!

A fresh new trailer of Seoul Vibe has been officially released! 

Set in 1988, the movie will tell the story of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team – a group of stylish drivers and mechanics to unveil a suspicious business involving a VIP slush fund. 

Seoul Vibe Netflix
Seoul Vibe Main Film Poster | Courtesy of Netflix

Sangye-dong Supreme Team consist of:

  • Yoo Ah In portrays the role of Dong Wook, the Supreme Team’s leader with perfect drifting skills
  • Go Kyung Pyo as John Woo, the club DJ
  • Lee Kyu Hyung will be Bok Nam as the team’s Human Navigator
  • Park Ju Hyun takes the role of Yoon Hee, a talented motorcyclist
  • Ong Seung Wu is the team’s mechanic, Joon Go

Fans are expected to be taken back in the year of 1988’s Seoul Vibe — where hip hop, retro, gold chains, boom boxes, chic bikes, and jumpsuits were the trends. Also, WINNER’s Mino is expected to appear in the said movie.

Be ready for some bop hip hop tracks for the film’s OST and an intense ride with the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team! 

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Seoul Vibe is coming to Netflix this August 26. 

You may watch the trailer here:

PR from Netflix

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