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ICYMI: IU celebrated her birthday by giving donations to various foundations!

IU had her memorable birthday celebration on May 16 by being donating to several foundations!

According to her agency, EDAM Entertainment, IU wants to do something warm in the name of her fans, UAENAs to celebrate her 29th birthday to give back the great love she had received since her debut.

IU donated a total of 500 million won to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Yeouldol (support group for children with rare diseases), South Korea Family Association foro Single mothers, Comprehensive Support Center for senior citizens living alone, The Purme Foundation, and Child Welfare Association.

Her donation will be used accordingly in the said foundations; for children and youth’s surgery and treatment with rare illness, to support single-parent families, elderly living alone and for children who are financially independent.

She currently made a comeback with her Lilac album and is currently focused on the filming of the movie Broker.

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IU is such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart!

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