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10 meaningful songs of IU that you should add on your playlist

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Lee Ji Eun, best known as IU is a talented singer-songwriter, a versatile and charming actress under EDAM Entertainment.

IU debuted as a singer in 2008 while it was in 2011 when she started her acting career. She is a popular singer and known for having a soft and calming voice which is really soothing to ears.

Here are recommended songs of her that will surely touch your heart and will make you fall in love with her as a singer.

1. Eight (ft. Suga of BTS)

Released on May 6, 2020, featuring the charismatic rapper of BTS, Suga. The lyrics were penned by IU, Suga, and El Capitxn. The song was produced by Suga. This song has been described as a “nostalgic” pop-rock song.

The song talks about forgetting those bad and sad memories that have been a nightmare to someone. IU said that this song is like a short novel confessing her twenty-eight-year-old self that was likely remembered as recurring helplessness and fatigue and longs for the “orange land” where she can not be sad anymore and could be free from all her bad memories.

This song gave solace to me when I first heard it since I lost a loved one, my mother 6 days prior to the releasing of this song. It was really hard and I was really down back then but this song was my comfort; telling me that I should remember the good and happy memories of her. The first verse hit me so hard that time:

“So are you happy now?

Finally happy now? Yeah

Well, I’m just the same

I feel like i lost everything”

-IU, Eight

The bridge of the song is the key there:

“We lay down face to face

And share stories that aren’t sad

Say goodbye to sad endings

I’ll meet you forever in this memory.”

-IU, Eight

2. Someday

This song is one of the official soundtracks from the drama Dream High. Penned and composed by JYP.

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Meant for those who feel like there’s no hope and feels like about to give up. Be strong and everything will be alright!

” I hope this tears will stop running someday

Someday after this darkness clear up

I hope the warm sunshine dries these tears

But wait it’ll come

Although the night is long, the sun comes up

Someday my painful heart will get well”

-IU, Someday

3. Palette (ft. Bigbang’s G-dragon)

IU’s title track in her fourth studio album. the lyrics were written by herself and the rap part was composed by G-dragon. Released on April 21, 2017.

Palette symbolizes different people with different flaws, personalities, achievement and opinions despite all the differences, everyone is a work of art like a palette contains various colors and beautifully packed in its unique way.

3. Bbibbi

An alternative R&B song that was written by IU and produced by Son Myung Ga. Released on October 10, 2018, in light of her 10th debut anniversary.

This is is meant for all the bashers of IU, giving a warning for those who have crossed the line. Generally, this is for everyone, telling us that we should respect the privacy of other people.

” Yellow C A R D

If you cross this line, it’s a violation, beep

Keeping manners stop here, ut’s ma ma ma mine

Please keep the la la la line”

-IU, BbiBbi

5. Celebrity

A single under IU’s album Lilac. The song was released on January 27, 2021. It describes as a dance-pop and electropop track.

An inspirational song telling us that there’s nothing wrong with being an “odd one” because we are all unique and beautiful in our own way.

“Don’t forget among the cloudy dark

You’re a star painted with a left hand

Can’t you see how beautiful

A true uniqueness can be

You are my celebrity”

-IU, Celebrity

6. Coin

Another song from her latest album Lilac. Coin is a playful and funky R&B song that was released on March 26, 2021.

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IU plays the professional gambler in the music video, I think it has a deeper meaning, it talks about the “gambling” in life, wherein you make choices and decisions that are significant to you and the people around you. Life is like gambling, you start with less, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but ultimately your biggest win is your biggest loss. Keep going and never give up! Take IU said in her song “I can’t die, I’m All In” as a motivation.

7. Love Poem

IU’s Title track for her fifth extended play that was released in November 1, 2019.

This song is meant to comfort and encourage everyone who feels sad and tired. Not only the sweet and calming voice of IU will comfort you but also the heartwarming message of the song. This song will remind you that you are not alone.

“I’ll be there, behind you who walks alone

Singing till the end, this song will be endless

Listen carefully just for a second

I will song for you who walks long nights than most

– IU, Love Poem

8. Ending Scene

Ending Scene is one of the tracks from IU’s album, Palette. This was composed by Sam Kim and released on April 21, 2017.

The song talks about the sad ending of the relationship between lovers. In the music video, there are scenes of reminiscing happy and sad memories together. The last part of the music video wherein IU and Kim Soo Hyun cutting the strings tied to them has a deeper meaning, teaches us that we should let go of things that are not meant for us and reminding us that some people are just passing through to teach us a life lesson.

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9. Give you my heart

Part 11 sound track of the drama, Crash Landing on You. The song was released on February 15, 2020.

A love song which will make you fall in love because the lyrics are so touching and really meaningful, it tells the unconditional love for his/her partner hoping that they will face the future together; in happy and in tiring days.

“No matter the reason we encountered

And fell in love with each other

Like this moment right now

I hope we look forward to each day

And stay devoted.

-IU, Give you my Heart

10. Hold my hand

This was released in 2011 as one of the original sound tracks of Korean Drama series The Greatest Love. This was the first song IU composed and wrote.

It’s a motivational song telling us that if you are in love with someone, don’t hesitate to confess it, who knows? That person might be in love with you as well. You need to have courage. You should confess your feelings before it’s too late.

“I know you’re feeling it, i know you’re shaking

Till when are you just going to hesitateall the time?

Tell me your heart

Stop pretending to do something else

Just follow your heart

Hold my hand now”

– IU, Hold my hand

Have you heard IU’s song? Which one is your favorite? If you still haven’t heard any of her songs, now would be the best time. One thing is for sure, listening to her songs will always be worth your time!

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