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Pasha De Cartier’s 2nd Protagonist is EXO’s Sehun


Cartier is known for it’s fine craftsmanship for luxury jewelry and fine watches.

Pasha De Cartier was designed to make a bold, sporty watch with a mix of timeless elegance.

It was originally introduced in 1985 and was last seen in 2012 in the Cartier line up.

Sehun, a member of the K-Pop boy group EXO who is also known for his love for fashion and even attends fashion events.


In celebration of the return of the Pasha De Cartier, a digital project was launched to represent Korea.

They introduced the ever changing charm of Pasha De Cartier that comes with a metal bracelet and leather strap that have a deep switch system that is in perfect synergy with EXO’s Sehun.


Check out the video below for more details.

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