Jessi has zoomed out of P Nation.

According to a news report from Sports Chosun, Jessi’s contract from Psy’s label, P Nation has officially expired. Right now, the solo artist is currently looking for a new label to call her new home.

A source from P Nation stated:

“Jessi who has been with us from the start as our first signed artist has now become an artist loved by many. She continues to reciprocate the loves she received with constant effort and passion from her works. P Nation will continue cheering for Jessi and support her in her future activities.

During her time in P Nation, Jessi released her second EP titled Nuna in 2020 which features her hit single, Nunu Nana. She succeedingly released What Type of X, Cold Blooded, and her recent release, Zoom throughout her three years’ stay.

Meanwhile, Jessi is also set to visit Manila this September 30 for a Zoom In Manila concert. You can start listening to some of her hit songs here.

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We wish you all the best and may you find the next label that suits you the best, Jessi!

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Featured Image from P Nation.

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