[UPDATED] IU to release her upcoming single, “Strawberry Moon” this October!

Updated as of October 8:

Uaenas! brace yourselves for IU’s comeback this October!

On October 8, Edam Entertainment unveiled the concept moving teaser along with the release date for IU’s upcoming digital single, Strawberry Moon through their official social media platforms.

The concept moving teaser is in the form of an English newspaper that contains the information about Strawberry Moon with the headline saying: “IU’s ‘strawberry moon that makes love come true will rise” with the clip of two people holding hands while facing the pink moon.

The teaser as well contains a clip of IU holding a camera while taking a photo along with the phrase: “Different names to call a full moon”.

Meanwhile, Strawberry Moon is scheduled to release on October 19 at 12 AM, KST.

Original Article:

Uaenas! it’s confirmed, IU is making a comeback soon!

Edam Entertainment, IU‘s agency released a concept photo of IU which shows her captivating charm while holding a strawberry ice creams in her both hands as her concept teaser in her new digital single, Strawberry Moon through their official social medial sites on October 5.

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With regards to this, It was on October 1 when Edam Entertainment teased fans with a mysterious photo of a huge pink moon with the caption: “meet again strawberry moon comes up from IU”.

Recently, IU made a comeback with her fifth studio album called “LILAC” which consists of 10 tracks namely, the title track itself, Celebrity, Flu, Coin, Hi Spring Bye, Troll, Empty Cup, My Sea, Ah Puh, and Epilogue.

Are you excited for this mga bes? stay tuned for more updates!

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