Shim Hyung Tak explains why he’s wearing Lee Sang Woo’s underwear, his co-star in ‘Touch Your Heart’

Shim Hyung Tak revealed, “Yes, I’m wearing Sang Woo’s underwear right now.”

On the recent episode of Radio Star, Shim Hyung Tak appeared alongside guests B1A4 Sandeul, Singer Yoon Min soo and mixed martial artist Kim Dong Hyun.

He was asked if he still wears his friend’s underwear which he revealed on his previous Radio Star guesting. Without a doubt, Shim Hyung Tak admitted that he was wearing Sang Woo’s underwear. He even said that he asked him for some more recently.

Shocked on what they have heard, the hosts asked who was the ‘Sang Woo’ that he was referring to; if it was actress Kim So Yeon’s husband.

Shim Hyung Tak responded that he was referring to his close friend and ‘Touch Your Heart’ co-star, Lee Sang Woo.

The hosts went on to ask if they have the same size and assumed that he’s borrowing his friend’s underwear. But he immediately clarified that he’s wearing new ones and that he’s just helping to promote Lee Sang Woo’s underwear business, EVANCHRIS.

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He also shared that whenever possible, he would show it on his drama and he would even bend over a little lower to expose the brand. Then he jokingly said that his goal is to get an exclusive modelling contract with Sang Woo’s business.

Moreover, Shim Hyung Tak talked about how he prepared his body for his shirtless scene on the episode 8 of his ongoing drama ‘Touch Your Heart’.

It’s good to hear how these actors help each other. Will we ever see Hyung Tak and Sang Woo share a scene on ‘Touch Your Heart’?

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